Are we able to eat bugs?

May 20, 2015
Are We Able To Eat Bugs?

In our lives, food is very limited and problems are constantly arising on how humans will soon run out of food and will have to move on to other alternatives to be able to survive and continue living our lives. Insects first of all are great alternatives for the food we eat because of what they provide for our bodies. There are also many additional benefits to eating bugs because they will help our Earth and how efficient we can be with our land and what it can be used for. Overall, I strongly believe that bugs and insects will solve our food problem in the near future and they will be prove to be a very valuable resource.

First of all, already 2 billion people in the world are already eating insects for their regular diets, so whats stopping everyone else (3)?. In addition humans eat bugs on a regular basis, it is found in our flour, powders, canned juices and other foods, ranging from 1-10 insects per different food items(3). This basically means that we have been eating bugs for years and years of or lives, so we shouldn't change our minds about them this quickly. In a sense this means that humans should really give eating bugs a chance because one day they might be the very thing that will save us.

Next the reason why humans should accept bugs as a food, is because all of the logic and facts gathered by scientists all points to the same conclusion and idea. As stated by Emma Keegan, they produce so much more protein in our bodies compared to regular meat and are more efficient to feed than livestock(1 and 2). In addition, there are many insects in the world that humans can eat. Specifically there are 1900 insects in the world that scientists have deemed consumable by humans(2). Insects even provide many other things, like silk worms for example produce 115,110 tonnes of silk in China a year and bees 1.2 million tonnes of commercial honey every year(2). Insects have many different benefits to them and really should be considered by the people of the world as a viable and regular food source.

Overall, many different positive facts about insects have been stated in this piece. That insects have already been in humans diets for generations and that if are bodies do perfectly fine with them. All humans have to do is start to eat them regularly. In addition there are as many as 1900 different insect species which humans can consume today and 2 billion people in the world who have already incorporated these creepy crawlers into their everyday diets. Not to mention insects are a great source of a protein and are much more efficient in caring for and farming compared to livestock that humans rely on food for today. In conclusion, I believe that it is in our best interest as humans who are wasting their resources to start using insects in our daily diets and as a legitimate food source.

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Submitted by jordanh18 on Thu, 2015-05-21 21:09.

I think it is very interesting that 2 million people eat bugs a day. I agree with you that they contain a lot of protein. But the bugs sometimes has sicknesses that can be harmful for us. So that's why people really don't eat them. Other then that you facts are really good.

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