Are we alone in the universe?

Oct 25, 2009
by: rprotik


I've always wondered if there is life outside our planet. Are we alone in this universe? Scientists have been trying to find life in the nearest planet to our world, Mars. However, they have not yet been able to find any life yet.

Scientists also believe that there is potential life in the depths of Europa's frozen ocean. Europa is the icy moon of Jupiter. These two spacial bodies may be homes to extraterrestrial species that could change history forever. Think of the huge impact it would have on science to discover alien life outer space.

Millions of years ago, Mars was rich with water. Recent discoveries shows that the red planet flourished with streams and other large bodies of water. Mars is very similar to our planet. It has two poles just like our North and South poles. It has many mountains and canyons. But Mars, as we know it, is just barren and dry. It's like the whole planet is a giant red desert. Water is extremely scarce on the surface of Mars. But it is possible to find water deep below the surface, which may contain life. According to a blog post, Red Planet and Jupiter moon offer best hopes for scientists, from a forum in, "Upcoming missions to Mars could perhaps even tap into any liquid reservoirs hidden deeper below and search for existing life, if they have the right equipment. " It is possible to explore the extremes of Mars with new technology that are being developed.

As for Europa, it is really far away and may be difficult to explore extensively unlike Mars. Since Mars is the closes planet to Earth, there is more chance of finding life there. According to the blog post, "But the red planet represents a much closer and better known target for space explorers. 'We're much farther down the road with Mars than Europa,' said Jack Farmer, an astrobiologist at the University of Arizona." However, Europa is completely made of ice. And ice is technically water, which may mean that life could exist underneath that frozen ocean. Since the radiation on the surface of Europa would kill off any life, way below the surface where there is no radiation could contain life.

Finding out if we are alone in this universe is an exciting mystery we have yet to solve. We are very close to solve this great mystery by exploring Mars and Europa, which contain potential life. Hopefully we find out soon enough.


Life in outer space

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Your post was a very interesting one to read. Many times i catch myself thinking about life existing outside of our little corner of the universe. It would be historically huge if life was discovered and I think that it would be a good thing.