Are we ever going to develop a transporter of some sort?

Sep 12, 2012

Transporters have been a fantasy in Hollywood films for some years. We have, as a mankind, dreamed of being able to transport quickly and efficiently from place to place far and wide. We have seen this in productions such as "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" and "Star Trek". But could these scientific fantasies one day actually become a real thing? Although the technology may not be there just yet, many ask why we are not working and developing it so that one day the teleporter becomes a household object.
Scientists today are not putting time, money or effort into transporters because it is way to risky and way to dangerous. For a teleporter to work it would first have to be able to pinpoint all of the atoms that make up the body, which is more than a trillion trillion atoms. It would then have to propel these broken up atoms through space at roughly the speed of light. Then the atoms would have to gather at the end location and be constructed back together in precise placement and order because one millimeter off could prove to be fatal. Teleportation is generally seen as too risky and dangerous to do on a regular basis. It could cause serious neurological or psychological damage or many other problems.
Transporters are not only seen as dangerous in real life, but even in the perfect world of Hollywood productions they have their problems. Leonard McCoy hated the teleporter in "Star Trek". His reply to the comment "You are not scared," was "Hell yes I am." Even in "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" loved character Mike Teavee forces a teleporter on himself and is doomed as forever being microscopic because the tele porter was not perfected. Basically teleporters are extremely dangerous in any type of use.



Submitted by pneville on Tue, 2012-10-16 16:19.

I really enjoyed your writing, it has a nice rhythm and is easy to follow. I enjoyed this piece of writing, but I do not know about the practicality of this happening in our lifetimes. People always say how in the next decade we are going to have "flying cars" or some other new invention, but normally these claims are false. Sure one day we might have flying cars, or transporters, but I think we are a lot farther behind this then your piece says... If a transporter can be successfully made and functioning I doubt it will be in our lifetimes.