Are you Hungry?

Oct 3, 2014
by: aoeun

There are a lot of things wrong with Oakland and hunger is one of them. Hunger comes from food insecurity. Not only Oakland has food insecurity,there are many places like Texas and Los Angeles that need help as well. There are some solutions to these problems. I believe that we need to work together to fix food insecurity.

I think that we can ration some food to others that don’t have it. This won’t be an easy task since there are a lot of people hungry in a lot of cities. Some solutions are in our English room. Our room has some places we can go to for cheap or even free fruits and veggies. I believe that there are churches that give out some free food on Mondays. There is a farmers market on Friday at Old Oakland in Downtown. One place that I didn’t say was our school. There is free food to all of us teens every school day.

We can employ more people with jobs. I believe that food comes from money. Well this world revolves around money. If you don’t have money, you cannot get basic needs like water, food, or even shelter. I personally give a man 50 cents or a dollar everytime I pass him. He always tells me to be nice and good things will come to you as well. Even the little things can help anyone out.

I wonder how would you look at a person with no food or no house. I believe that they are probably the strongest people in the world. They have the will to survive and go on even in their circumstances. We should be happy about what we have and cherish it. Just make sure you think about others who probably need it more that you do.


I agree with the 4th paragraph

Submitted by rhoang on Mon, 2014-10-06 17:09.

People must have money to buy food, water, and shelter. The way they can get money is having a job but not everybody can get a job due to the lack of materials or preparations they must make in order to get one.

Insightful post

Submitted by acorbato on Sat, 2015-02-28 12:07.

Hi Andy,
I am a senior in Salt Lake City, Utah. I enjoyed reading your post and thought you made some great ideas on how to deliver food to those who needed it most. This really is a pressing issue. It is tragic that a nation as successful as the US stills has large issues with hunger. Especially, when you think about how much food is wasted at restaurants and grocery stores to spoilage. Hopefully, together as communities we can work with restaurants and grocers to ensure that the entire community is fed properly. The food is out there it just needs to be distributed. Keep up the good work!

A major problem

Submitted by ndklebba on Sun, 2015-03-01 13:56.

This discussion brings up a big issue all around the world. For something that everyone needs, it isn't distributed to everyone equally. We do show that we do have enough to feed everyone and keep everyone on a healthy diet, but money is the issue. People with money are the ones who get the food an often times they abuse it. We throw out a lot of food a month and during a meal can often over indulge on the food in front of us. I feel the solution would be having people become aware that there is a problem and then acting on it. And by employing more people that could allow more people to buy their own food and feed themselves.

Problem that needs fixing

Submitted by NateHigley on Sun, 2015-03-01 20:12.

This is a problem all over the globe. Food is a necessity for everyone, but not everyone gets it. There is enough food for everyone but not everyone can obtain it. The biggest issue is that many cannot afford the food that is available. The worst thing is the ones who can afford whatever they want, throw away a lot of it. To much food is wasted in the world, we are wasting food while others are going hungry and that needs to change. We need to supply those in need with food, by either lowering prices, spreading the word and getting donations, or bring jobs to those areas so they can buy the food they need.