Asian Language

Feb 26, 2009
by: CFlores
What I'm good at

Language may have not been the basis of communication, but it has been influenced by earlier ways of communication and is now a worldwide way of communication. Asian language has always been so interesting to me. I always liked to learn one of those and I am on my way to achieving it. Language has been something that I have always liked all the time whether it is in Spanish or Chinese class I have always liked language class no matter what. Even though I speak Spanish fluently I always liked the class because I learned so many new things in the language class which is cool. Chinese class has always been fun to me and very interesting because i have always wanted to learn Chinese because I like the way the language sounds and the way it functions. Chinese is actually easier than what it looks, sounds and even the way it's spoken. Language will always be essential in our daily life no matter what.

I was looking at an article in wikipedia about my Asian Culture question and so this is what I came up with "Spoken Chinese is distinguished by its high level of internal diversity, although all spoken varieties of Chinese are tonal and analytic." I find this very interesting because I feel that this is a very unique way of speaking, but very efficient and you have to be careful on what you say or how you say it which can be a little cool, too. I like this quote because I thought it was just Mandarin that had these kinds of tones and stuff, but I guess I was wrong about it and other dialects have it as well.

Another quote that I found on wikipedia is "Linguists often view Chinese as a language family , though owing to China's socio-political and cultural situation, and the fact that all spoken varieties use one common written system, it is customary to refer to these generally mutually unintelligible variants as "the Chinese language." I find this quote very interesting because it's a relief to me that atleast the Chinese use a stable way of writing characters. I like the way that the Chinese did this and it's better than just anything about the Chinese culture and language.

I think that with media, it's a great way of thinking about something like language. With this kind of media I think that people can get a humorous way of seeing how language has to do with Asian Culture and basically any other culture that you can think of. I think that language is an important quality that makes up culture. =)