Athletes are a bit over rated.

Mar 3, 2016

Today, school fame is mostly stacked upon athletics and sports. You can get really famous and popular in school by exceeding in sports, and as a non athlete and an all time musician, I really do see this difference between athletes and musicians and academic achievers. Now, most of this is caused by the looks and the student's natural interest into sports, but another lies on how schools may over favor athletes over others.

I can notice that many schools support sports over than band and orchestra. For example, the school you are in may provide a club or team for every sport possible. They have a weight room and physical education, and they personally hire coaches to teach, guide and discipline you. The only thing you really have to do is to go to a gym, or something, and increase your muscle strength. And of course, the school may back you up, too. Let's compare that to a band member, playing, let's say, trumpet. The school can't provide the trumpet, or most. You have to go rend one, taking out your own money from your wallet, and it's really expensive, too. Now, there's a tricky part in the music. You'll have to go find a private lesson teacher. Good luck doing that, oh, that costs a lot, too. Broke your mouthpiece? School can't help you with that, go back to the instrument repair center and get another one.

Rather in school, musicians are alone and independent, it goes with academics as well. Although teachers are becoming better and better, most of the things you do when you learn you have to do it by yourself. Reading the text, understanding phrases and memorizing countries.

Now, rather than exposing the popularity and shaming on athletes, they are important to the school and they face difficulty finding substantial jobs, so I respect you athletes out there as well.

I can firmly state, after I rambled a hunk out there, that musical achievement and academics need more help individually. Perhaps schools could pay attention to musical achievement, art and academics to hire more independent and inspiring tutors for the school open to any time. Maybe open the library longer, add some more advanced technology and plop a bunch of tutors there. Or, schools could hire some private lesson teachers to the school to give weekly lessons after school. Schools could also form insurance programs to supply for instruments and repair.

And perhaps, maybe everything, musicians, athletes and academical achieved will all be in a nice balance.