Avedon's Photos

Feb 23, 2011
by: G-mexican

"While many photographers are interested in either catching a moment in time or preparing a formal image, Avedon has found a way to do both."

Richard Avedon, famous fashion and portrait photographer, is rather limited when it comes to finding information on him. However, SIRS the online encyclopedia found an article all about Avedon on PBS.com. Apparently, Avedon created a book titled Observations with the esteemed Truman Capote. This book held the portraits of some of the most influential people of the time which included Gloria Vanderbilt, Frank Lloyd Wright and Pablo Picasso to name a few. The next book Avedon would publish held portraits of patients in mental hospitals. Capturing them in the hospital, a new setting for Avedon, gave a devestatingly real image of what is like living as an 'insane' person. The daring and creative nature Richard Avedon had is what makes him such an alluring photographer.