An average day for Spongerob

Mar 19, 2015
by: 20limm
Act 3
Act 2
Act 2

My project is basically a parody of the popular show Spongebob. The animation was made and programmed using the Scratch software.The animation itself is about a normal day in the cartoons, although the character's names were messed up, and it was making fun of the same layout for virtually every episode.


Developer's Logs:
I was supposed to finish steps 1-5, but the characters that i made on storyboardthat were not good, because they had to be individual characters, and not part of a storyboard. Modeling the characters took a long time.
I didn’t animate the house that octopusward was in because it was difficult to find a proper sprite to represent it.
I actually didn’t get the sprites from in the final product, so that already took less time. Creating the title sequence only took around 30 seconds, and programming it took 1 min. Everything took less time to make, as I overestimated the time.
I overestimated the time for animating it, as it took a lot less time.

Act 1 scene 1
Setting: outside Spongerob’s house, stage right
enter Spongerob and Patrack stage left
Spongerob: Hey patrack! (add signature laugh)
Patrack: hello, Spongerob
Spongerob: What do you want to do for fun today?
Patrack: I dunno, blow some bubbles?
Spongerob: OK!
change to sprite of spongerobert holding his bubble blower
( add sprite of bubble)
Octopusward’s house, stage left
Spongerob’s bubble floats into Octopusward’s house, wakes him up
Octopusward: Will you idiots stop?
Spongerob and Patrack: Sorry… (Starts blowing bubbles)(one floats in again)
Spongerob: Lets go tho the butterfly fields!
Act 2: (moving the entire time)
Spongerobert:(chases jellyfish) This is so fun!, stage left
Spongerob: want to see who can catch the most?
Patrack: sure!
Act 3
the interior of the Crusty Crab
Mr. Crabs: Heyy, boy-o! Why are you late? You’re fired!
Spongerob: (dramatically) NOOO! please! i’ll do anything!
Mr Crabs: I’m using your paycheck to pay for one month’s worth of crabby patties.
Spongerob: Thank you so much! I’ll work overtime for a month!
Mr Crabs: I thought so… NOW GET BACK TO WORK!
Spongerob: Ok Mr. Crabs.. Whatever you say...