Ayiti: The Cost of Life

May 5, 2015
by: 20huangc
Ayiti: The Cost of Life

When playing the game Ayiti: The Cost of Survival, you have a family of five. The family is uneducated and very poor. You get to decide who goes to work, to school, to the hospital, or to rest. You are suppose to try to keep your family alive. The game is over when every person in your family dies.
In my first try, I was just trying to get use to playing the game as it was new to me. I went into major debt (over two thousand dollars) and wasn’t sure what I was suppose to do most of the time. I eventually lost after two years. In my second try I was a little more successful. I focused mainly on making and saving money. Things went well until family members started to get sick and I wasted 350 dollars on a bike at a very bad time. I neglected the family’s health, education, and happiness. Many of them eventually got very sick and died. Only the father survived. My third try was the most successful. My whole family survived after 4 years. I tried to keep a balance between health and education and work. I first made the family save up a lot of money by working hard. I sent one son to school so he could eventually get a well paying job. When someone became sick I could afford to let him/her rest or go to the hospital. I constantly checked each person’s health and education. No one died in my third try and the family ended up with over a thousand dollars.
Ayiti: The Cost of LifeAyiti: The Cost of LifeAyiti: The Cost of Life


Ayiti: The Cost of Life

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Submitted by 20wuc on Sat, 2015-05-09 20:12.


Your strategies of survival are very practical as well as effective. However, I'm surprised that you managed to go into debt over two thousand dollars. How did you manage that? Anyway, try fleshing out your third strategy -- it's by far the best. I would recommend sending the son to volunteering instead, since you get free education as well as extra opportunities in the near future. I wish you luck in your next game "Ayiti: The Cost of Life"!

Christie W.

I think you did a good job

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Submitted by 20mannans on Mon, 2015-05-11 20:01.

I think you did a good job trying to survive but next time you play you can try to invest on education to advance in the game, because education allows you to get a good job as well as a bit of happiness which helps you survive in the game.

I think you did a good job

Submitted by jordanh18 on Thu, 2015-05-21 21:57.

I think you did a good job keeping your family alive. This game seems hard because it would take a lot to keep them alive. This might be a fun game to play when I have time