Ayiti: the cost of life and my favorite game.

Mar 15, 2010
by: lming
What I'm good at

     Games? As a gamer I feel disgraced that word is even mentioned. So we are going to do games this semester? The very word "game" is censored and inaccessible thanks to the effing school, and here we are, actually planning to do the thing that the school hates us to do the most? Do you see the irony in this? How on earth are we supposed to do any creative things about games online in school? Eeeerr, This keeps getting better and better......

     At home my favorite game is called Super Robot Wars. Technically, Super Robot Wars is a series of games, and I happen to like all of them. It involves strategy, hot-blood, robots(of course), and countless ass-whooping. Many people dislike the game because they are not mecha fans, and they say craps about the game as if they understand anything about it. In my opinion they are very stupid.

    In school we are playing this game called Ayiti: The Cost of Life. In that game I am supposed to play as a family, my job is to make them survive as long as possible. I think this game is quite fun. It has stuff that really goes on in real life and I need to deal with them. But there are some weird things that cannot happen in real life. For example, you need to buy a new set of book every single season. And resting at home cannot improve your family's health in any way, even if you improve the living standard to the best. Beside those little things, I really like the game.

   To compare my favorite game and The Cost of Life, I can put both games in the form of sandwich. Super Robot Wars will be a huge sandwich with everything I like in it. I can't get enough of if. But it is so huge that I have to finish it very slowly. And Ayiti: The Cost of Life will be a small sandwich with some decent stuff in it, but was dipped in some dirty stuff. If you know how to get rid of the dirty part, it still tastes good.

    A noob would start the game, after a day, he would come to me, crying about that game. For example, he would pick on the game 's relative slow pace(taking turns for each units of the player to move, 2d graphic that may not look appealing to him, etc), and then bring out the usual weapon: IT SUCKS. I can't even blame him for anything. I would just say: ok i get it. Ur not fit for this game. ppl like u do not deserve to enjoy this master piece. juz go play maple story or something and leave it alone.
    In the situation above, the noob complained, or QQ'ed about several things about Super Robot Wars. In some ways, those things true. But in other ways, they are absurd lies, exaggerated by idiots. First, you do need to wait for your turn to move your units, and it involves certain strategy and patience to play it well. Man with no brain usually hates that kind of game, for the only thing they're good at is pressing buttons mindlessly. And the graphic is not really something I would call "outstanding", but again, only a man with no brain judges a game based on its graphic quality.
    The settings of Super Robot Wars are usually simple. The game involves different characters from different Japanese robot animes. The game fuses all the different world into one big, complicated background, with stories in each anime involved more or less. But in each single game, the player has to pick a original character who was designed just for that single game. And you usually get to be the one who unveils all the evils and craps. The strategy is merely the small part.