Ayiti: The cost of Life and Other Games

Mar 4, 2010

Good games and Ayiti
by Max


Not all games are the same. Some are video games played for self-satisfaction. Others seem to be designed to get people to play their game. While some are played simply for having fun. Whatever game it is, the goals are always the same: having fun. I enjoy games that involve things that I enjoy. Like sports, fighting, and action games. What ever people lay many people all over the world enjoy playing games probably just like you.

I occasionally enjoy: Any sports games or action games:NHL10,Madden 10, and C.O.D. Anything and everything that has to do with going outside I love. I love to run around, catch balls,I feel great,I also enjoy competition. I enjoy knowing that I'm one step closer to beating a game, to being a winner. If I happen to lose, I do what any other player would do. I tell myself that I keep trying no matter what. I come back to be better at the game because this game is like a highway, action everywhere.

Recently, I've been spending some time playing the game called Ayiti the cost of life.This is a game in which you have to support your family without dying in Haiti. The goal of the game is to keep your family alive. This is a goal easier said than done. You get sick very often and if you don't have enough money you can't send them to the hospital. By the end of the game, if you are lucky enough to make to the end of the game, it tells you if your family lived a good life. Or if they died.

The first time you play the game, you will have fun and enjoy it. It is cute because it is cartoon people that do things that you want. It really isn't until the third or fourth time when the game starts to get repetitive that you truly realize it isn't that fun. It starts to get annoying when you get sick and die and cannot win the game. You begin to get bored of the game.

There are times when you are playing this game that you want to quit. You don't want to... for some reason. But you keep going because you want to win. So you keep playing, keep trying. Trying to stay alive. You want to beat the game. Not lose any lives and move on. For me this game is a desert with nothing to enjoy.