Bad taste

May 23, 2016

Donovan: The one who smokes a cigarette and get in trouble by Angie.
Angie: The step mother.
Michael: Donovan best friend.
Kayana: The one who told on Donovan and gets him in trouble.

Donovan: ( YAWN) that was the best sleep ever. I'm hungry i'm about to eat something good.

Angie: “ Donovan”! What wrong with the TV?

Donovan: try changing the batteries maybe their dead.

Angie: OK

Knock Knock Knock

Donovan: :| who the fuck at my door at this time.

Michael: yo d you coming out?

Donovan: this no having ass life nigga of course its him. why the fuck you at my house at this time??

Michael: just answer my question.

Donovan: no dickhead you answer my question, an im coming out just give me a few mins to eat my breakfast an ill meet you out.

Michael: bet.


Michael: DAMN son bout time

Donovan: STFU

Michael: come with me to Andy house.



its not finished ill Finnish

Submitted by donovanparker on Mon, 2016-05-23 12:18.

its not finished ill Finnish it later