The Bakery and The Barn in the City

Dec 8, 2009
by: Nicole10


1) The Bakery

2) The Barn in the City


















Rockland Photos Self Reflection

In my photos, I don’t think that I did well in capturing Rockland as a place. Most of my shots were of things that could be in any small town, but there were hints of Rockland in signs and distinctive architecture. The photos that I took were mostly nostalgic, such as a building with weeds coming up though the sidewalk, a bare tree, and a rustic shelf, but I did take some pictures that were more abstract and contemporary. I took a photo of a drain covering with “city of Rockland written on it. I chose to take more rustic and nostalgic picture because that is what most people think of when they think of Maine, and I took the picture of the drain because it had an interesting pattern and I thought that it would illustrate place in a fun and uncommon way. I must admit that I really didn’t think must about the compositional elements in my photos. I was just sure that my subject was not centered, and I tried to get some diagonal lines. One cool element in my rustic shelf photo is that the shelf looks like it is moving away from you and it creates a nice, subtle diagonal line. I did use burning on my picture of the old yellow building because the door was a very dark color and the walls were just so light. I had a hard time making the picture seem natural and correct. Sizing the larger picture was also rather difficult for me. The thing that I like best about my Rockland photos is the nostalgic, rustic feeling that you get. The only thing that I would change would be that I would not have taken the photo of the yellow building if I knew how difficult it would be to get the walls dark enough in the photo. For my larger print, I would have tried to get more shots of the shelf at different angles.