A Ball and A Dream

Mar 18, 2015
by: 20anwarj
Scratch animation

Introduction: For the last month or so I have been working on Scratch. That is a website in which you can make animations with blocks. Blocks are basically "building blocks" that make your characters animated. I got really frustrated by just figuring out how to make it move. For ex, I thought the legs were supposed to go back and forth like regular humans but turns out they stay in the same pose all throughout. For reasons like that it took me just 2 hours alone to do this technology homework on scratch. Also i look for the most specific blocks and when they are not there it takes me forever just to look for it. Well at the end of the unit we needed to make a 1 minute animation with dialogue and here is the script + animation:

Setting:School,Basketball court,streets

Script:Scene 1
Setting:School: locker room
[Enter Alpha, stage right]
Alpha:Hey what’s up man!
[Enter Elijah stage left toward center stage left]
Elijah:What’s up,Alpha!
Elijah:Hey, yo, Alpha are we going to go the courts after school.
Alpha: Man! stop with that you like 16 and only 6’ 3’’ if you want to make it at least get stronger i mean if you grow to 6’ 6’’ by college or by the end then you’ll have a chance.
Elijah: I know but I’m still taller,stronger,better, and I got a better vertical than you.
Alpha: stop with that garbage, all you have to worry about is not getting shanked and get some respect on the streets. We, us, we’re not the brightest stars in the sky and that means we are not going to get that well of a job.
Elijah:Aight man yo but please let’s just work on my jumpshot.
Alpha: Aight then we out.

* * * * *
Scene two: Basketball court
[Enter Elijah. stage left]
Elijah:That was a good workout
Alpha:I guess you could say so.
Elijah: My shot was money
Alpha:You know what?..... you actually might have a chance after you graduate.
Elijah:You really think so.
Alpha:Yeah, man I'd bet money on it
Elijah:Thanks bro that means alot coming from you
* * *
Elijah:let's play a game of one-on-one. Game 11
[Elijah dunks on Alpha]
Alpha: Dang you got bounce, I mean i know you had bounce but not that much. …… Hey why you do me dirty like that?
Elijah: All i gotta say is 2 words: get big

* * * * *
Scene 3:streets
Alpha:Hey want to go to Frank's. There's lots of people there.Easy money?
Elijah: Alpha, chill man, I don't want to mess with that anymore. That will mess me up. What if we get busted.
Alpha:Remember what I said about getting shanked.
Elijah: Yeah but we shouldn't mess with it anymore it's bad.
Alpha:Well if you not cooperating guess you are not part of the club no more.
Elijah: Guess so.
Alpha[slowly walking away]: Hey man by the way you are good but you are big use that to your advantage. You are too scared of getting hurt.
Elijah: Thanks.