Barack Obama

Dec 13, 2008
by: KHarris
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Happy, Enthralled, Gratefuf, Scared, Excited
All of the above words explain how I feel about Barack Obama winning the election. As you read I put scared, I am scared, scared for his life and for his family. What if someones planning to kill him the next time he makes a speech to America, many race issues are still going on as of today. I'm happy and grateful that he won, because its a really great opportunity to show white people that black people can do whatever a white person can do. The color of your skin really doesn't make you different from a person.



Same worries..

Submitted by miny on Wed, 2008-12-17 14:27.

I am also very glad that he is the next president of the USA. However, as you said, I am worried what if his family or he gets killed. Also, I agree with your last sentence, the color of your skin really doen't make you different from a person. Your writing is very short but I think it contains many important and agreeable sentences.