Basic Gay rights!

Mar 17, 2009
by: eguaman

All men are created equal! this means that no matter where your from or who you are you are all created equal and all should be treated equal!  I think that over the years this country has come to some good points.  But still there are many issues going on that still hurt people and make them feel not equal than anybody else.  In this country there are still people that are not treated equally because of their minority.  People have fought in this country for many things for freedom for individuality, for peace.  But it seems that now the some of the people are still fighting for the basic rights that they still don't have.  The LGBT community has been getting so much grief, and have to fight so hard for their rights in this nation as people.  The basic rights that they want are still not in their power.  People are dying in some cases because of hatred that other people have fro them.  I think that this is the horrible truth of America.  People might say that this country gives rights to all, but they are forgetting of those people that you see in the streets yelling and standing in the rain, sun or cold, hot and protesting trying to make them see that this is what we want, and we will have it.

I as gay teenager living in NYC attending a public school, I am living a normal life I have friends who like me for who I am I make sure to let people know that I am gay so that from the beginning they wont have a problem with me.  I think that this is a risky move from my part because people say not to be so out about it it might get me into trouble.  But if I cant be myself then what is the point of going out at all.  I get told a lot that I don't act like the gay type, which for them is skinny tight clothes, has an attitude and looks kinda and acts kind of like a girl, but I think that sometimes people act like this because they want to stand out in the crowd, I don't think they act like this because that is who they really are, well some of them.  There are also those people that are closeted cases that don't say that they are gay and are so afraid of hanging out with gay people,cause they don't want anyone to find out.  But what I don't like about these people is they have to force themselves to be with their opposite sex and force themselves to be what society calls normal, but what I call average.  I don't like people that hang out with the same people that would beat them up and maybe even kill them, make them feel like the worst in the world, and then they do the same thing to other people that are out.  I think its because they are jealous that they are out and they are living free and without anything to be worried about, so they make their life impossible.  In my school I have some people that do have a big mouth and I do hear the word "fag" and "gay" or phrases like "that's so gay" and so I think that people think it is OK to say these things.  Like how they are trying to eliminate the word " nigger" from the English dictionary and make people stop using it, but it seems that words like "fag" is very acceptable and nothing to worry about.  What people don't know is that the Gay population is 10% of the whole world, so in any place they are in there is always that 1 out of 10 percent that you can be in a class or in the street or in a room or in a train with a gay person.  The only reason you don't see them is because they are not out about it or because they are normal healthy looking people, and the reason being that you don't notice them is because they are created equal like everyone else.

People in this country don't want things to change, they think that if you give gay people basic rights they will be able to get marriage eventually, and then they will be able to get other rights, many rights to the point that they have every right that anybody has in this nation.  People don't want this nation to follow or support something that people in this nation consider as an abomination. 

I have recently read an article on reader at  and I have read this and I think that this article best explains of what are the new insights of what people think of the issue of gay marriage today.  People as said in the article have been fight and win, fight and lose on this issue and I think that people should start to work on their ways of approaching people.  I used to think that I must attack those who oppose me so I can show those who are undecided who the stronger and best are, but it had nothing to do with who is stronger, but with who makes more sense, with who can really make you think and say that this is something we should be allowing.  I think that people not just in California where the war for gay marriage has been on the spark, but people in this entire nation should  have a good influence on the people that are around the world.  I think that for now California will be the influence of state for this nation once this state accepts it it will continue for the next state and the next and the next.  Just like we saw a huge gain the the democratic party for this elections, then we will start to see how people will start to change their minds and will start to make a movement to make everything that they have set aside denied, or ignored into the light of what is right not just for one side of the nation or one side of the what people think but for all.  And I think that this about gay marriage and even gay rights should be something allowed in this country after so much fighting and after so much marching people should see that we are still here and still fighting.
One quote that stood out for me in the article was "According to the poll, Democrats favor same-sex marriage by 63 percent and 32 percent oppose. Republicans are 70 percent opposed and 24 percent in favor. In the San Francisco Bay Area, those polled are 64 percent in favor and 31 percent opposed. In Los Angeles County, 55 percent favor and 40 percent oppose."  As you can see the democrats have a totally different mind on what they think should mean marriage to them.  If people were more Democratic like now our president, and our nation in the most then people will start to think as a democrat and see that its not fair to deny such Rights to LGBT people, that they should not be denied to anyone.  This nation comes from a lot of history with Black people, and Immigrants and now LGBT people, and now just the same like the Black community and the Immigrants now its the LGBT peoples turn. they are screaming for rights and this nation will listen to us.

I enjoyed this article because it really does show and explain what the peoples perspective eon this issue has come to be.  And as you can see on the numbers More and more people are beginning to change their minds and change their ideas on the situation.  They are starting to be in both positions and feel how it is to be denied even the most of basic rights in this nation.  And that we are now fighting for what should have been won years ago and well we are not going to give up, and as we fight we start to see how much progress we are doing how many minds we are enlightening, and how many people are joining the cause.  Many new teens are coming of age and soon will be able to vote, then we will see what the future for America is, and what we hold for this nation in the future.

the Cornballer, Nov. 15 2008 ""

In this picture it just shows the people are really getting into the fight to get basic rights and to be treated like everyone else in this country.  I picked this picture because it fits really well with what is going on with the fight for equality, and how seriously people are taking it.

"The best parts of life is when people finally learn to get a long with each other and start worrying about enjoying life."  I heard this quote and it made me think of all the things that go on in this world tat make people not get along with each other.  In church they say we are brothers and sisters, but when they preach, they say somethings that makes people want revenge or get mad at all the other people that have done something bad.  I think that homosexuality is the biggest problem that the church us not really doing anything to make it better, or to try to bring peace between Homosexuals and the church.  I am not trying to directly attack the church but to think that the church has been telling people a lot of things, the church is what is not letting people get married, and from the church ignorant people came out from.  Because everyday when someone wants to have a good reason why people should not hang out or should not be friends or should totally go against people that are homosexuals then the reason they give them is, "haven't you read the bible, it is an abomination!"  Now I think that this is just a huge excuse for people not to say that they don't like it.  They hate the idea that gay people have sex or how they call it an immortal sin.  But there are teens and even kids that are having sex and are having kids at such a young age.  If anything they should not even speak a word about what sex is when they do it and they call it normal to have kids at such a young age.  I think that people are huge hypocrites they say something, this is the land of the free, and the home for all of them that feel uncomfortable or want to get free from a nation that does not listen to your demands.  And this nation can not give basic rights to gay Americans that want to be free and want to live in this world as everyone else.  I think that even gay marriage should have at least been accepted, no one should be denied love no one should be denied to be together if they love each other.   No one has that right to separate people that love each other, and people should totally live their lives as how they want it not how people are telling them to.  Then people say that the way people are choosing to live their lives is not good at all and it is very bad.

I read a news article on the basic gay rights on Google reader at and I think that this article was pretty good on helping me see what is going on with basic gay rights and what people are starting to do with this what they will accomplish what is expected, and what people will start to do in those places where it seems impossible to start anything that has to do with LGBT community, and make it a word that is going around from place to place.  I think that this is an awesome step forward in helping people see no matter what their opinion is on this issue to help them see what is going on and what the issue of if not today then tomorrow will be.  I think that the Utah Equality group is doing a very good job in making people educated on this subject and making them understand the concepts and the reasons people are actually doing this and why they think people want this.  I think that the more people become educated on this the more people will understand and will make a better and more wise decision on what to do when to vote about gay marriage.  I also think that this article had a lot to do with what we must focus on first.  People must focus on the basic rights that some if not most places of the United States does not even have yet.  And without the most basic of rights established yet in these places then people will be more ignorant and be more against the idea of gay marriage in this nation.  People must start from 0 in some places while in other people are already in front of the game and its just a full on forward war of words and speeches and movements and walks and films and books, and many other things.  Reading this article made me see what people are actually doing in some places where gay people do not see any hope or day where they can finally be free and enjoy their life truly to their fullest. 
One quote that I really liked form the article was "At some point, these efforts are going to have an impact," Thompson said. "We're a united voice. ... We're not going to be quiet any more."  I loved this quote because it explains of how people are now starting to move on forward and how people are starting to go along with pride and with ideas.  It shows how people are coming out more, and how people are fighting more for what they want, and how the publishing of things that happen in these locations where things are made into history are being established.  I think that with this quote it also shows people that there are more brave people coming out and making a sound and making something big so that they can get attention so that people can see that they have best friends uncles, aunts, mothers, fathers, grandparents, nieces, nephews, anyone of their loved ones that is gay, or lesbian or bisexual, or even transgendered.  I think that this can make people see that even if they say they don't like LGBT people or don't get along with them or don't hang around with them or don't socialize at all with any of them, they don't know that the person that they most depend on they most love they most care about is in the LGBT community.  People just have to see this and understand this, and talk to these people in their family or in their loves and see how it affects them the  hatred that some people have against them the anger, the lies that they yell about LGBT people, that make some of them even kill themselves.  I think that if people just stop! and listen to the people that are really yelling about rights they will see how people are really screaming and even be surprised of who is on the other side.

I really enjoyed this article because it made it easier for me to understand what the steps are in this process that people have been going through for many years now, and what the sacrifices they do to make this dream become possible for them.  I think with more people and just a little more strength people can accomplish what they have been dreaming about for many years!