Basic Reflection Questions

Dec 11, 2008
by: aru

When I am on Youth Voices, I like to respond to topics I enjoy talking about myself. If it does not catch my interest I won't bother reading. Also, if the writers grammar is flawed and doesn't make sense, I won't bother responding to it. I don't mind if the topic goes against what I believe. It just gives the opposites sides view point and allows me to comment back with my own views. I like writers who have a lot to say. Pieces with lots of detail and strong feelings attract me and keep me interesting it the topic. If the writing is only a few words with no examples and information, what is the point of writing at all?

This week I read an essay about stress. I was interested in it because I was feeling stress at the moment. It was pretty interesting and the writer incorporrated his strong emotions and feelings with what others might feel. I understood his feelings and was drawn in by his story and tried to understand his thoughts. It was a very deep post and I was glad I responded, giving him some advice to keep him thinking positive.

Next week on Youth Voices, I hope to find many interesting pieces of writing to respond to. I feel I am learning a lot about diferent points of views other than my own. Its hard to comment to an essay I completely agree with because I have a hard time thinking of what to say. I hope to find great writers that will draw me in with their words.

The difference between writing on paper and blogging for me is that blogging doesn't hurt as much. I always end up with a cramp and erasing can be a hassle compared to 'backspace'. Blogging flows easier for me and allows me to focus on more on the writing as opposed to the paper pen and the lines set for me. Digital photography, art, music, pocasts and videos to me and just another way of expressing words through image. I enjoy all these forms of art because the all give a message. Myspace, facebook and youthvoices are similar but have different purposes. All these sites allow you to express your emotions and post what you are interested in. Youth voices is a great sites that is more focussed on writing and has a more serious purpose. I enjoy Youth Voices because not everyone is fooling around and using text talk to reply to work. The writing is serious and honest and that, for me, is sometimes easier to understand.