A Beautiful Thing: A Revolution

Jul 16, 2013
by: morellana

A Sleeping Country Is A Sleeping Country. Between My Legs I Will Not Hide My Tail. I Prefer To Die As A Rebel Than To Live As A Slave.

In many mountains and in many histories the feet of the rebellion have walked on. Rebellions that have challenged the powers that be, rebellions that have claimed the right to live. While the powers that be in return only seek to silence,to forget, to make of those who have woken up a temporary and momentary thing. Because the political and monetary powers of the powerful have placed chains on nations and on their people, people who under a corrupt and evil system remain silent and obedient, people who within their own bubble remain at sleep. Systems whose only purpose it’s to benefit itself no matter the cost, or rationality behind its actions. And the only way to change the course that we are on is with a revolution. Revolutions that cannot, and will not happen without the attitude of active resistance, without the light that awareness brings. This can only be achieved when the mindset of the people change, and when they stop believing in the reality these systems have cultivated in them since birth, and wake up to the truth, to the undeniable reality that comes with knowledge and awareness.

Sparks that light the flames of revolutions are created by the systems, unjust and corrupt systems that forces ordinary people to become revolutionaries, making them realize that they are no longer at the end of history, but at the very edge of it. This is the current state of Turkey, a country who has risen up for the global struggle of a real democracy. On May 27, 2013 a group of over seventy protestors came together in order to prevent the destruction of Genzi Park, located at the edge of Taksim Square. The destruction of one of the last remaining green zones in Central Istanbul, and its transformation into a shopping mall. This was something very significant because this its not the first site the country has torn down a precious site, from the destruction of the historic Emek movie theater, to the cutting down of about 2.5 million trees for the construction of a bridge across the Bosphorus. This protest wasn’t just a environmentalist act to protect trees or the park, and as Jerome Roos explained in his article The Turkish Protest and the Genie Of Revolution, “ the protest also included socialists, anarchists, liberals, and LGBT activists, the protests was essentially a The Right To The City protest.” And the right to the city is more than our individual freedom to access urban sites and resources. It is the right to change our perspective on things by changing the city.The liberty the freedom to make or remake our cities and ourselves is one of the most precious yet denied concept of our human rights. And for five days, Istanbul has been covered in clouds of tear gas, as violent clashes between the people and police have turned the streets of many cities into war zones. But this will not stop as Roon tells, “ After amnesty condemned the government's brutal response to the initial peaceful protests, which left thousands injured and at least two dead, the protesters have become increasingly determined to push Erdogan ,Turkey’s current president from power.” This is being made possible with the tens of thousands of protesters who have occupied Taksim Square, and the fact is that the violent demonstrations of resistance and protest have quickly spread to over 70 cities throughout the country. In these times, in our times revolutionary changes are no longer a far away ideological concept, but they are once again at the footsteps of our doors, as a very real possibility.

The seeds of a revolutions are planted way before one ever blooms, seeds that over time grow and grow, fed by the choices of the immoral and lucrative systems. Systems that puts the people against the wall leaving with only one option, to fight back, to fight back in order to take back what the system has taken away from them, to take back the right to live, to take back the basic human rights that like liberty were forgotten, rights that have banished in time. And at this time the government of Evo Morales in Bolivia is facing the result of the awakening of the people. Since May 6, thousands of protesters have taking their anger to the streets, striking miners, teachers, indigenous people, and health workers. They have been marching through the streets of major Bolivian cities, clashing with police, paralyzing traffic, and confronting governmental official in front of ministry buildings. This mass protest is an attempt by workers members of the Bolivian Workers Central ( Central Obrera boliviana) to secure higher pensions so the poor and middle class can live in dignity. But like any revolution there will be struggles as Jerome Roos tells us in the article In Bolivia, Morales faces a challenge from below, “ Morales's government has far insisted that the rise in public pensions would deplete government revenues.” But Morales who was elected in 2006 and was Bolivia’s first indigenous president, has done nothing but to destroy the life of the natives in the amazon. Indigenous groups, including the Chimane, Yuracare, and the Moreno Trinitario, who since August of 2011, have opposed to the construction of a highway, which will run through important natural reserves and indigenous land. And in both cases, indigenous movements, and worker movements, the people have risen up to the reality they were hit with. A reality that in many countries has become an everyday thing, without analyzing the things the systems has done, to them and the “nobodies.” And like Ecuador a country whose need for pieces of paper, has condemned the Amazon natives to a life of death, to a life of suffering as a result of their own black wealth, wealth that will become the reason for their extinction. While the ones up there, look at us as numbers as price tags, as wallets and as bank accounts.
But what happens when the nobodies, the owners of nothing, the ones who have been forgotten, the ones who were labeled as savages. The ones without faces and names, the ones who have no credit cards, the ones who don’t buy or sell, the ones who own no bank accounts, the ones who to the market are nothing but a useless being. The ones who were living worse than dogs, the ones whose only sin was the want of living a life with dignity. The ones who took rifles instead of arrows to the battle, the indigenous peoples of southern Chiapas, Mexico. The forgotten hearts of a nation, the lower classes of the world, the Zapatista Army of National Liberation (Movimiento Zapatista De Liberación Nacional). The dignity of the revelion, they who for over 500 years have been obligated to hear, to obey, to comfort and accept. They who were forced and killed in order to keep quiet. They whose voices were taken away, and sealed in a sea of lies, of cruelty, voices abandon in time. A movement that rose in 1994, against the Mexican state. They whose fight is for their history while the bad government proposes blood, and illusions. A fight for dirt, for their land, and the bad government offers graveyards. A struggle for life, and the bad government offers death as a future. The government of Mexico who wants to take their land, so then their steps will have no land to walk on. They who want to take their history away, so that in time their words will banish. They don’t want them alive, they want them dead. In silence they were dying, without words, without a voice they did not exist. They who reveled against the state, against a cycle of death. Against the unjust and corrupt system. In many they have shouted for their voices to be heard. The flower of their words, of our words will not die, it cannot die. We will not allow our flame to die, the flame within everyone, the flame that has seen how the system has violated the basic human rights of many. Flames who will turn into a sea of fire, a sea with many flames, each one fighting for the same cause, for a revolution.

Ideas of change, remain in time. Ideas of revolutions last for ever, and like myths, like folk tales they are passed on. Ideas that cross borders and genders, ideas that forced the people to take matters into their own hands. Ideas that didn’t fall out of the sky, ideas that were caused by the decisions their own nation. Decisions that on September 14, 2004 had their result. In Argentina about 200 workers of re-occupied factories marched in Buenos Aires. They demanded that the government permanently legalize the expropriation of factories and other bankrupt enterprises, and as writer Marie Trigona explained in Occupied Factory Movement In Argentina, “After the the crisis of December 19 and 20, or 2001, the Argentine government gave many workers occupying businesses temporary permits to function inside offices and factories. However, these agreements had two year limit. Some of the permits are set to expire before the end of 2004.” This was like a bandaid, something to temporary cure the wound, but this wound is too deep. Workers who since the economic crash of 2001 have struggled a puño serrado for the right to work, to work under the wing of one another, without the fear of a major power that bosses represent. A struggle for a system that can be compared to Anarchism, where there doesn’t have to be a boss, where everyone can work under a qual network. Where no one is better than another. In harmony with each other, under a same and common goal, to change the outcome of their history. To change the outcome of a problem, cause by the corrupt system. They who are part of the movement of reoccupied factories, part of the working class, the class of the struggle, they who proved that under a same goal, one can unify. And as a worker from the state union, CTA-Neuquen expressed the importance of experiences of workers collective organizing to defend their jobs, “ This is the form we’ve taken to defend our jobs. Which a doubt workers throughout the world see as an example to copy.” A example that change is possible, revolutions can happen, with the blood and sweat of our struggles. To change the cycle of nations that for years have continued to be, with no one ever questioning it or opposing it, and with the spirit of revolutionaries these people have change cycle of the system. To a better future, to a future life, to a better living, to a future where workers rights are no longer forgotten of or left forgotten in time.

At these times, revolutions have become something that no longer is feared. Something that no longer has chains, something that offers people a path after all others have been closed and denied. Revolutions give ordinary people a choice of freedom, or obedience. Freedom from systems that want to control us, like sheeps that roll over at command. Revolutions that can happen without, shooting, without launching missiles, without the need to kill, without the need of using bullets. Revolutions are not about race, they are about unity. Unity with a same dream, a same objective, a dream for a real democracy. Governments that forgets the poor, the ones in need, the illegal, governments that only propose wars for their own interests. A political argument without saliva, we are the ones who upholds our flags, we are the backbones of the world, of our continents, of our nations. Nations that have not legs but it still walks, to let the wind brush my hair, let the rain shower me, and let the sun drie me. Because I will fight to the end, at the end of the road a revolution will be waiting for me, for the ones who have woken up. Because one is as big as the enemy we chose to fight, and one is as small like the fear we feel. Chose a big enemy, and this will obligate you to grow in order to face it. Minimize you fear because if he grows we will become powerless. And the souls of revolutions will not die, ideas that cannot be kill. Ideas that systems cannot imprison, shut, silenced, forget, or destroy. Ideas that live on, even if those ideas have been carved with bullets, to free ourselves it will take nothing more and nothing less but resistance. Resistance, and revolutions who have used the masks of many faces to make change, faces that systems have killed and erased. With the V for victor now and forever.

“All revolutions are the sheerest fantasy until they happen; then they become historical inevitabilities.”
― David Mitchell, Cloud Atlas

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Revolution Starts within the Mind

griblake's picture
Submitted by griblake on Thu, 2013-07-18 11:10.

Dear Mario,

WOW, very powerful! Only one suggestion I would of broken it up into four separate pieces for easier digestion. My question is this how does the average person get involved to assisting the resistance? The answer by doing what you just did by giving awareness to people about what is happening in the world. When i made the conscious decision to go to Occupy Wall Street people thought I was crazy. But i recognized a need to be a part of that historical event, We must always remember the revolution starts in the mind and never will it be televised. A thought an idea sparks the understanding of what needs to be done and sometimes self sacrifice is needed to change a nation. if you have not done so read the histories of Nelson Mandela Mandela Frederic Douglass and Chavez. Also a book that would be worth reading if you have not done so is The Peoples History of the United States by Chomsky.
In your essay the a line or should I say paragraph that stood out for me the most is "This protest wasn’t just a environmentalist act to protect trees or the park, and as Jerome Roos explained in his article The Turkish Protest and the Genie Of Revolution, “ the protest also included socialists, anarchists, liberals, and LGBT activists, the protests was essentially a The Right To The City protest.” And the right to the city is more than our individual freedom to access urban sites and resources. It is the right to change our perspective on things by changing the city."

My friend who is Turkish had posted about this on Facebook but never explained it to me as fully as you did. When I was at Occupy i had heard that other countries were in rebellion based on what we were doing in New York.

Can i dare say that this is based on the Aquarius Age we are in. What you will see in the nearby future is old and outdated systems being uprooted and destroyed, Rebellion is in the air and the Old status quo is being challenged and destroyed. we are living in an age where information is attainable at blink of an eye that is including thoughts. have nt you experienced thinking about someone or something and they or it materializes in fronf you.
Always remember your magnetic, personal power.