Behind Myself: A Weird Name's Story

Oct 20, 2015
Can't upload another picture. So just chose a UNSC Infinity. Hum.

My name is Moira. Strange, hard-pronouncing Greek name, from some sort of ancient Greek stories of the Olympus Mountain, and the Gods. Mine is the Fates. Destiny and share. But in Irish it means bitter, and that’s really weird.

I was named after nobody. I chose it by myself. My official name is in another language, which hardly no one here could even understand.

I chose this name cause nearly nobody has the same name. It’s unique, it’s good. Peaceful inside. And me, quietly, sitting by myself, and dreaming about the outside world.

Pronouncing. In any place they’ll call my name wrong. Maria, Moria, every kind of wrong spelling and syllables. But does that have a big question? Whatever they call me, I’m myself. For eternity. Not anybody else. Right? Just myself.

Others said that I should got a new name. A total normal name. Like the name my teacher gave me, Jenny, or maybe Selina would work. But I mocked to them. Why change? Those are popular and common names. I want to be unique. Like my destiny.

My destiny. I control it. Like what the goddess that my name represents does. I do the things I want to, I’m not programming by others. Freedom. That’s what I really want. Yes, freedom. Running freely in the plain that you could look through, under the clear sky without any clouds, and look at the world showing out in front you. Just like a wild black horse. Yes, exactly. A wild black horse.
Can't upload another picture. So just chose a UNSC Infinity. Hum.


I love what's behind your

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Submitted by Flytte on Thu, 2016-02-04 17:31.

I love what's behind your name. (Honestly, I'm obsessed with Greek mythology, and this made me smile so big.) I hate when people tell me my name should be different. I can kinda connect. I go by Gage, nobody understands and nobody really wants to. They tell me it's too boyish or it doesn't make sense. So what? Just like you said, I'm me. I always will be.



Submitted by The Movie Destroyer on Mon, 2016-02-08 12:23.

It's hard to find another Halo fan whatever where.