Bell Schedule Issues

Sep 11, 2015

Dear Ms.Watson,

Hello, my name is Anastasia Tieng and I am a senior at Fremont High School in Oakland, California. The problem I see at my school is that the amount of class time is extremely long whereas the time reserved for lunch is very short. At Fremont High we have a block schedule of 8 periods of 92 minutes, which are split into two days. This means that we would have 4 periods on Monday and the other 4 periods on the next day. On Wednesdays we would have all 8 periods. In my opinion, I think that we should consider a change and make more time for lunch.

Since my freshman year our bell schedule has always varied, but it wasn’t until my junior year when they officially changed it to 8 periods. I personally do not think it’s fair for everybody to have 8 classes because most of the students are on track to graduate from high school. We should minimize class periods, because I noticed that students can get bored easily when they have to spend so much time in the classroom with a minimal break time. This block schedule is really difficult for some student because they are unable to focus when they have been inside a classroom for too long. We don’t get to see our teachers as much and that is affecting our learning and our relationships with them.

To make lunch a bit longer, we should cut the last two minutes from our 92 minutes class and use them towards our lunch time. Currently, we only have 35 minutes for lunch and that is not enough time. During lunch, the wait time for students is usually takes 15 or more minutes due to the long lines. After the wait, the student has about 10 minutes max to eat and the rest to clean up and head to class. Lunch time is where students can finally have a break and to relax before being rushed into their next subject. It should not be spent quickly stuffing food down and rushing to the next period. If we take out two minutes from those 8 classes, then we would have an extra 16 minutes to our lunch that would put us at 51 minutes. This solution would allow for students to be able to engage in class and the learning environment would also improve since students can have a healthy lunch and regain focus.


                                                                                             Anastasia Tieng



Hi Anastasia. At my high

Submitted by Glianna16 on Tue, 2015-09-22 12:46.

Hi Anastasia. At my high school we have six class periods everyday and we don't have a block schedule. Each class is approximately 55 minutes and our lunch is only 30 minutes long. I think it's really interesting to hear schedules of students from different high schools to compare on contrast. I think although a 51 minute lunch would be nice, it is also a bit impractical. Maybe 51 minutes is too long; does it really take students that long just to eat their lunch? I think between a 35-45 minute lunch is the perfect amount of time and I would vouch for that. On another note, you make some really good arguments and your writing is very compelling. If I was Ms.Watson I would definitely support you!

Hey anastasia, this is

Submitted by Taddy on Wed, 2015-09-30 13:49.

Hey anastasia, this is Tyreece and ive read your article and you and i both know fremont bell schedule is outta pocket. Keep your head up and stick thru this shit.... talk to you soon ... Peace

I agree with you! Classes are

Submitted by Anonymous on Sun, 2015-11-08 21:06.

I agree with you! Classes are usaully 50 to 55mins long. But I do agree that Fremont should have a longer lunch period. Not only it will give you guys a break, but it will also give the students a chance to catch up on work form other classes. My school only has 6 periods and our 4th period is an hour long. But 8 periods! That's to many. When i was reading your letter, the "block scheldule" was even confusing for me to understand. I think the school should change Fremont's class schedule. Either make the classes shorter or get rid of 8th period.  

The Same Problem

Submitted by alecmalouf on Wed, 2015-12-16 02:12.

I go to Judge Memorial, a Catholic High School in Utah, and we have the same problem. Three of our lunches every week are 30 minutes long, and the other two are only 25 minutes long. It's really hard to actually find time to finish your lunch completely in the short amount of time that the school gives to eat, and I like that you brought up the point that they are not considering the time it takes to wait in line, buy the lunch, and get to the next class. I also think that it is really important for us to have free time to socialize with our peers, and I agree that lunch can become more stressful than enjoyable.