Benifits of Pen Spinning

Dec 22, 2009
by: Jmo

When i first started Pen Spinning i just thought it was a way for me to not be bored in class but as i kept practicing it started to be more of a hobby than a form of entertainment and after i started to take pen spinning seriously i found out that is was a culture in society and there was a world class tournament for it.I saw videos of the kind of skill the world class competitor's had and i realized that my caliber was nowhere close to theirs and my arsenal of tricks was nowhere as near their number's, with that in my mind i began to practice not only in school but every moment that im not doing something i feel like i have to either pen spin or play dj max on my psp* its a game where you press keys in order to play a song kinda like ddr but harder* as time passes by i notice im improve in skill and speed of my tricks due to me getting new official spin pen's however i feel like im in a rut repeating the same routine iv been doing for quite some time and its not such a bad thing but i feel as im back in 10th grade doing the same noob tricks over and over again even though i know im trying to learn the continuous thumbaround its very boring for me right now,theres not much i can do for it due to me not having a teacher unlike my pupil's who i am also teaching to pen spin, they have all the guidance they can get to improve at a much faster rate than i did.

Pen Spinning lives in a similar world of the unassuming arts of Cup Stacking and Dice Stacking. All three performing arts truly require a great deal of practice and skill.


When i read this quote i knew it was true right away because of the years i spent learning the basics at first and not bothering to learn the higher class tricks, but the long run for the amount of time i practiced gave me great foundation for acquiring new skill for the tricks that were much more advance. This Picture Was Taken By Me this was a picture of me using my modified pen "Buster Cyl" and this is somewhat the same visual image you see while your spinning the pen.Now some of you might say how are you suppose to get entertainment from that or how can see and control the pen while its going that fast, my answer is practice and visual training for example playing a DDR similar game for your hands or any other method that increases your eye reaction and your hand eye coordination.

Below is a short clip of me doing a trick that i usual put into my routine.


"3. Pen Spinning We all had a friend who did this, with way too much skill, in the middle class, right? And this friend had long hair and probably saved his old Arizona Tea bottles and filled them with highlighter fluid and stacked them behind his blacklight? Is it racist to say that Asian kids are always better at dexterity tricks? I mean all these videos say "Korean kids" or "Japanese pen tricks" or something."

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I find this to be very disturbing but true because of all the pen spinning videos i research 99% of the good ones were all Asian and there were a few non Asian good ones but if you were to compare the videos i would say the Asian videos took more attention Is it racist to say that Asian kids are always better at dexterity tricks? I mean all these videos say "Korean kids" or "Japanese pen tricks" or something."