Best Vacation Yet

Oct 16, 2015
by: TravisA

In August of 2015, I was invited to go with my best friend, Sean, to his annual trip to Petoskey, MI. I stayed at a cottage with him, his mom, his step-dad, and two step-sisters in Bay Harbor, a small town in Petoskey.
When we finally arrived to Bay Harbor, all of us waited around for the clean-up crew to finish getting the cottage tidied up. After a painfully long two hours, we could finally walk inside and drop all of our luggage into our rooms. About 5 minutes later, Sean and I decided to head back downstairs to go out and buy food. I twisted the doorknob and pulled, but to my surprise, it was stuck. Sean shoved me to the side, confidently yanked on the doorknob, and sighed when it didn’t budge. Finally, we embarrassingly had to call his mom to open the door from the other side. Now the vacation could truly begin.
On our first day there, Sean gave me a brief tour of the area around where the cottages were. There was a sidewalk that led to the back of the main building which branched off to the beach, firepit, hammocks, giant chess/checkers board, and the pool and hot tub. Everyday, we would swim in the pool for about 30 minutes, transfer over into the lake, which was admittedly pretty cold, and then let loose in the hot tub. At about 7pm every night, s’mores ingredients would be brought out to the fire pit and we’d “stealthily” snag a couple Hershey’s chocolate bars on the way back to our cottage. To end the days, we would switch between watching Impractical Jokers on truTV and playing games on Sean’s laptop until 4am while eating Skittles and drinking Mountain Dew.
On our second day, we woke up early and ate breakfast at Pancake House, but oddly enough, I ordered crepes instead of pancakes. For some reason, I wasn’t able to finish any of the meals that I ordered, so I would end up with new leftovers everyday. As soon as we got home, I toppled into bed and made a terrible, lazy effort of pressing the power button on the TV remote. 2 hours of sadistic laughter later, Sean and I went to go build underwater stone towers in the lake. He lost interest in it a lot faster than I thought he would of. I kept on stacking rocks on top of each other and trying to set them so they wouldn’t wobble at all. I made it so that I could actually stand on top of the tower and it looked like I was standing on the surface of the water. I could see some people giving some concerned looks that I found hilarious.
The last big thing that we did was go paintballing. I was very excited to go because I’ve never gone before and it was one of the things on my bucket list. Only downside was that I had to wear one of Sean’s many pairs of athletic pants because all I brought with me were shorts. When we arrived at the paintball arena, we were split into two teams along with some other people and two guys that actually had experience. Sean’s mom and I were on the same team along with two kids and one of the guys that were good. We played three different types of games, capture the flag, attack & defend, and deathmatch. For capture the flag, there were three poles and each one had two flags that represented our team. The goal was to raise our flag to the top and whoever had the most flags up at the end won. Attack & defend was my favorite because the referee would randomly pick 3 or 4 people to go into the fort and hold off everybody else for 5 minutes. Finally, deathmatch was just a basic shoot everybody that wasn’t on your team, but you only had one life so you had to really make it count. I ended up getting shot 9 times, but they all happened at the same time. As soon as I ran out into the open, everybody from the other team was aimed on me and I got shot an unnecessary amount of times. I found paintballing really thrilling and exciting because it gave me a huge adrenaline rush. That’s probably why the paintballs just felt like somebody was flicking me instead of really hurting.
This was definitely my favorite vacation that I’ve ever had. I can’t wait to go back next summer.