Oct 6, 2014
by: jamesg18

The origin of the name James comes from Biblical text, it is remembered and known by the action of a man who is not me, so why should I care. When I die, people will remember my name, that I am sure of, but will it just be a name to them or will I be remembered for who I was. The five letter word that people call me means very little to me, if your’s does then ask yourself this. Is it your name that defines you, can you not change yourself, change your personality, start fresh? Can you not do all these things without changing your name?

Your name doesn't define you, you define your name. Everything you stand for, everything you believe in, every action you have taken or will take in the future, that is the true definition of your name. So if you want to change your name than do it, but not courthouses and certificates, but through your actions. Do this and the people who once looked down on you or did anything to you that would make you want to change your name, those people! Will look at that one word they once thought to be stupid with a sense of awe and respect that mankind has yet to see.

If you don’t yet understand then I’m afraid you never will, weather your skull to thick or your pride to tall I do not know. “The definition of your name has yet to be written, so, go ahead, write it.” Your name is something you create, something you write. I do care deeply for my name, not the simple five letter word, but the name I write for myself.


James, Wow. When I saw the

Submitted by SarahLW05 on Wed, 2015-03-04 18:43.


Wow. When I saw the the title, you could imagine why I thought your piece would be about something else. Thats okay, its just nice to differ from expectation. I really loved the way you presented this. You didn't use a story, instead you took something that was supposed to mean one thing, such as the significance of your name, and turned it into another idea. Being remembered by who you are in reality sounds like a much better thing than being remembered by a label. Thanks for the breath of fresh air.