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Apr 23, 2009
by: dryanmas
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"William "BJ" Viehl and Alex Hall were arrested Thursday March 5th by the Joint Terrorism Task Force with the FBI. They were indicted by a grand jury for "suspicion" of a raid at a South Jordan, UT, mink farm in August. As well as "suspicion" of an attempted raid at a second mink farm in October. They are being charged with 2 counts of violating the "Animals Enterprise Terrorism Act". With these charges they face a possible 6 years in prison and $350,000 in fines."

Tomorrow I am playing a benefit show for these two individuals. Most people have told me to do everything I can to help. One person told me he wants to see me play but does not want to support these idiots. I thought I'd do a little research.

Turns out thousands of minks were released from a mink farm in protest to the fur industry. These animals most likely died anyways because minks don't belong in Utah but I guess the point was to create an upstir, loose money for the company, and draw attention to the issue. They're both pled not guilty but who knows if it was them or not.

It did upset me to learn that in prison they are not being fed properly. They are not being given full vegan meals which means they can only eat very select parts of what is served to them. Other prisoners are banned from trading with them.


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Submitted by 11mceachernch on Thu, 2009-04-23 21:31.

Your post relates to a topic that I am researching for a school project called Convicted Innocence. It is basically the idea of innocent people being wrongfully convicted of crimes and senteced to time in jail or event the death penalty. These people can posibly be falsely convicted even based on just a "suspicion", so I hope that if they are convicted, that they truly are guilty and not innocent. But I think that their alleged actions are justified and I cold understand their position if they really did do the crime.
I also feel like the conditions that they are being held in in prison are disgusting, but most people in jail are discriminated against based on the alleged crime(s) committed or race or religion, etc. It is angering. but waht can you do?