Bono: Rocker & Humanitarian

Feb 7, 2013
by: srains13

Bono may be better known for his work as the rockin U2 singer, but not many know his involvement as a humanitarian. Simply referred to as “the celebrity who keeps on giving,” he is a hero on and off the stages. In U2’s most recent concerts, Bono highlights the issues we have in our world. “Every time I clap my hands,” he says to the audience, “A child in Africa dies.”

Not only has his music topped the charts, but Bono’s ONE campaign has contributed in racking in the money for charity. A reported 15 million dollars was donated by generous philanthropists in the previous year, which is being used to help fund poverty stricken areas. Eradicating poverty in return has many benefits: a better way of life, growth in economy, and less crime rates. Overall, this can contribute to a more peaceful and better world.

Bono is not the only celebrity who is taking action, stars including George Clooney and Angelina Jolie have been noticed for their humanitarian efforts to the world, both who have been awarded the “Peace Award”. This is leading more and more people to take action, from ordinary joes to pop star.

The hope for a peaceful world is starting to look very promising. Learning that celebrities are starting to care less about money, and more about giving is really inspiring. If they can take time from their busy schedules and take action towards these issues, makes me want to follow in that same direction.