The Book...

Jan 22, 2014
by: HannahL

One day in New York there was a girl named Lori. She was twenty-six years old and very into plants. She’s loved plants since she was a little girl. When she was 7 her father had bought her a baby willow tree and she took care of it so much, she had no time to do anything else. Lori loves plants to this day. But since it’s so cold in New York she can’t have any plants outside, so she reads about how to take care of plants indoors. Today it was extra cold out and Lori assumed it would snow, so she went to the huge library on 5th Street to get a big book on trees to keep her occupied inside. When she got to the library, she went straight to the plant section and picked out a 257 page book on fern bushes. Then, she went to go check it out at the front desk. The older gentleman sitting at the front desk suggested, “ Young lady, I would not check-out that book if I were you ”.
“ What are you talking about, this book looks fine to me. ”

Lori had no idea what he was talking about, but she checked the book out anyway and went home.ferns

When she got home, Lori sat down and started to read the book at 2:00 pm. Later that day, she was still reading and she was on about chapter 4. But it was around 10:00 pm, chapter 19 when something weird happened, ferns started crawling out of the book! By that time she was asleep, so she didn’t feel the pain of dying. The Librarian had warned her about the book. But by now, it was too late.