Book Review for I Emma, Freke

Mar 3, 2014
by: kingsara

I, Emma Freke

By: Elizabeth Atkinson

For all of Emma’s 12 years she had never fit in. Never had any friends, was too tall, too pale, her hair was too read and worst of all, her name is Emma Freke. Which sounds like Am a Freak.

Emma had never knew anyone from her father’s side of the family since he left her and her mom before she was even born. When she gets her invitation to the annual Freke family reunion in Wisconsin she is ecstatic. She finally felt like she belonged with people that actually looked, and acted like her.

I think this book has a great moral to it. It is telling you that if you don't fit in where you are now, there is always going to be somewhere and someone who will. It also doesn’t matter if your family drives you insane or if they’re control freaks they’re still your family.