Book title: The Story Of Basketball

Sep 16, 2010
by: 14AzmainS
What I'm good at

 The book is about the history of basketball. I find it interesting of how basketball came to be. And if it was influenced by anything or anybody. In this book it says that poeple usually throw a ball of paper in the garbage and they try to aim when they shoot them in to the trash, and some people toss soda cans in the trash so the sport probably go influenced from that. Then Naismith who created basketball wanted to put a rule that they need force for it to go through the goal. Then he said to much force isn't necessary. Then, to shoot the goals, they used peach baskets. Then they had teams such as Minneapolis, and Indianapolis, etc.  Then they formed more teams and called the sport basketball as the National Basketball League and then later changed it to National Basketball Association.