Booktalk: A mob's weakness

Jan 8, 2016

Everyone knows from the start of our childhood and from lecturing from our parents and teachers that bullying is a wrong thing to do, and yet it still happens. We have also been taught that standing up to bullies and supporting the victim is also an efficient way to stop bullying.

However, with our technology and population increasing, most harassment is now dealt with large groups of people, targeting one single victim. We can see that the energy and the power of a bully comes from the support of other people. Standing up to a group, or a mob won't do any good. Physical damage from bullies will become more harsh in groups.

But we first must understand the ways of a mob. One example I will bring up is in the first book of the Ranger's Apprentice Series, The Ruins Of Gorlan.There are three bullies, they harass and beat up Horace. Horace compared to them is like a bull compared to a mouse, each of the three bullies are each not very strong and are individually no match for Horace. However, three of them together they can take him down. The bullies took sticks and beat up Horace on every part of his body. They can individually insult Horace without the fact that Horace will beat him up, due to that each bully is backed up by two more.

However, once a ranger named Halt found out about this, he forced each and every bully to battle Horace individually in a wooden sword fight. The first one was so scared, he wanted to forfeit. Horace hit him like a pinata, eventually Horace was stopped by Halt because the bully was on his knees crying. The other two bullies were shocked and frightened, seeing what Horace did to him made them back up as well.

This tells us a lot about mobs. They support one and each other to form something powerful, evil powerful. We have to understand that a mob's structure is backing up each and another. If one of them fall, the rest of all the others fall, like a cup pyramid. If we take out just one of the people in a mob, the rest of them will prevail as well.


Mob mentality is a very

Submitted by Bryan L. on Fri, 2016-01-08 22:42.

Mob mentality is a very interesting subject(?) of human psychology. The question why people in groups think and act alike is a very interesting topic on how we humans think. I think that you did a very good job relating this to your book, and the explanation you provided on the basic structure of mobs is good as well.

I think that mobs separate

Submitted by adi_kandula on Fri, 2016-02-19 12:07.

I think that mobs separate the power among a group of people which makes stopping bullying harder as there are multiple people instead of just one.