A Boy and His Dog

Dec 16, 2013

I think that this story will be about that some kid that he his dog or him that got cancer and i want to know how it feel to have cancer.

The first pages of A BOY AND HIS DOG by Jueth Ortiz might leave a reader feeling disappointed because this dog had cancer . An example of this is on page 17. Why “didn't i notices that he was so short of breath? that he was peeing more than usual”?

This is upsetting because he has cancer and his hair if following down and they think that he might die.

Something interesting happen on page 16. That “I pick him up and lugged them over to the table. hes lost weight said the vet stroking prodding gently”. This is an important point in the plot because its a problem/conflict for cancer.

After this part of the story,most readers probably will not be looking forward to reading the rest because it too long. What’s probably going to happen next is that he might get better and might lose the cancer.