A Brief Reflection on the United States of America

Apr 30, 2015
by: landayc18
United States with National flag overlay

I believe that the United States of America is a paragon of a country that acts as a strong beacon of sturdiness and resilience in a changing world. I believe that the United States of America has become the greatest empire ever to grace this planet. I believe and know that despite all hardships and struggles, internal or external, my country will forever stand strong in the face of danger.

Currently, the USA has the largest and most experienced army of any country as sourced from a veteran:


In a literal sense, the USA will stand sturdy in war. Take this statistic: there are 20 naval carriers in the world. 10 of them belong to the USA. That’s mind-boggling.

Not only does the USA have a massive fighting force and global presence, it also works to maintain very strong diplomatic relations and military pacts with other countries. Let’s look at the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). Forged in the heat of the cold war, it binds together the USA, Canada, and most of western and southern Europe. Almost every other country on the planet holds some sort of partnership or peace program with NATO. Simply put: the modern US has a large force and uses it to protect valuable trading partners and allies, rather than act as a colonial behemoth.

Additionally, while the US attempts to maintain a strong international figure, internal conflicts can and do become very nasty. Listing modern race riots like those in Ferguson, or the extremely recent Baltimore riots has left many clamoring to hold officers accountable for police brutality. The president, Barack Obama has finally issued a statement regarding police brutality:


Lastly, I leave with a optimistic tone. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has recently taken up the stance that the Internet must be free.


The FCC has recently ruled in favor of Net Neutrality, the idea that all data should be treated equally in the internet and not be subject to slow downs or blacklists by service providers.

Of course, modern controversies following the likes of Edward Snowden’s leaking of national secrets about the National Security Agency (NSA) as well as states giving the right to business owners to deny specific customers service due to the belief of the owner are still ongoing. I encourage anyone who reads this to reach out across the informational abyss of the internet and just research the United States of America. Controversies, history, and modern crisis’ are all important to know and be well-informed about.

Thank you and good bye.