Californians really are more laid back

Sep 14, 2008
by: daneb
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If you are currently a high school Senior, you are probably thinking a lot about where you would like to go to college next year.  Factors in your decision might include the size of the school, the quality of academics and/or athletics at the school, and the cost of attending the school.  You also might be interested in learning about the type of people that go to a school.  Many of us stereotype the people who might be at one college or another based on that college's location.  We say that students at Boulder and Berkeley are laid back while students at Cambridge and Columbia are more focused and anxious.  Well, several psychologists finally decided to do a study to test whether our commonly held stereotypes ring true.

The results are in: New Yorkers are stressed and unfriendly but intellectually inclined, while people who live in Georgia and Florida are sociable and energetic.

US personalities vary by region, say researchers | World news |

The researchers, who themselves hail from Cambridge, determined by surveying subjects from all over the United States that personalities do differ significantly by region.

Participants in the study answered an online questionnaire in which they were asked to read short statements, such as "I see myself as someone who is outgoing", or "I see myself as someone who is very religious," and indicate their level of agreement.

US personalities vary by region, say researchers | World news |

Some of their findings have been assembled into maps where certain qualities are indicated based on how many people seemed to exhibit those qualities and to what extent in each state.  Here is the map for "neuroticism" which reseachers decribed as "anxious, stressful and impulsive."