Call of Duty

May 27, 2010
by: ctra9553
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Began on the PC, and later expanded to Xbox and more consoles, and several spin off games have also been released alongside the main series. The majority of the games in the series have been set primarily in World War II, with the exception of Modern Warfare 1 and 2 which are set in modern times

Games Blog .com says “call of duty is an epic that takes games industry to new level”. I believe this statement is true more than half of the gaming population plays this action packed game .Before Call of Duty 4 was released, it was predicted to sell even more copies than the highly successful Halo 3; it had received reviews as high as Halo 3's, it was launching on three systems as opposed to one for Halo 3, and demand for the game led to a wide range of retailers only having enough available to satisfy pre-orders. It fulfilled the prediction and the Xbox 360 version became the best-selling video game in the United States from November 2007 to January 2008 according to the NPD Group.

I think Call of Duty is the most realistic game Call of Duty is a first person game that has been sold worldwide. The series today it puts you in the action and it shows you what our military is doing today. However some people take it too far and play 24/7 that is what you call an addict. I myself have experienced withdrawals from not playing just because this game is so awesome.



Call of Duty is Awsome!!!!!

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Call of Duty is Awsome!!!!!