Camera Setting - Soft Snap

Dec 1, 2010
by: SeanD

Without Soft Snap                                       With Soft Snap

An interesting topic that our Digital Photography class focused on had less to do with art and themes, but more with the technology and settings between our cameras. Ms. Ettenheim split us up into different groups by manufacturer, and we created a chart of commonly used settings and specifications for each of our cameras, along with the model number. Then, we were given the chance to experiment with a setting that we hadn’t used before.

I chose the “Soft Snap” feature on my Sony Cyber-shot W100, which shoots a subject with a soft background. With the holiday season coming up, I decided to incorporate some of my home’s decorations in the experiment, taking a close-up picture of a candle along with Christmas lights in the background. The result was actually quite different than my usual settings, leading me to realize the potential that less obvious features have. The first picture is more or less evenly clear - the second, however, focuses on the candle much more and emphasizes the background significantly less. To get there, all I had to do was move my camera settings wheel from "Automatic" to "Soft snap" - considering how easy the mode was to turn on, I'm surprised I hadn't experimented with it before. I’ll try to take advantage of the “Soft snap” mode, along with other settings I’m not familiar with, throughout the year.