Cameron Prarie National Wildlife Refuge

Sep 23, 2010


The video I attached is pictures of Cameron Prairie National Wildlife Refuge located in Grand Chenier, which I visited on a recent crabbing and shrimping trip. We caught an abundance of crabs, but the availability of shrimps were scare. Also, Seafood is a major tradition in our southern cultural cooking.

The area provides a visitor center with recreational activities such as: fishing, hunting, wildlife observation, crabbing, shrimping, and alligator(seasonal). This is a place I love to visit and experience the outdoors. However, since Hurricane Rita, Cameron Parish continues to struggle in restoring its community and wildlife habitats.

Society can attribute to the preservation of Wildlife by purchasing a Louisiana Wildlife Stamp, which is required to permit the recreational activities. The stamp provides funds, which helps restore those areas. Also, No loitering, such material can cause harm to wildlife