Can people actually be tolerant?

May 11, 2009
by: 14mehtan

    People these days are very tolerant and as well as that intolerant.  I think that these days people are very intolerant of mentally retarded children.  These people need care and some love and people who care and can help them.  I feel people should be tolerant of these people because we are all human and all they need is some help because they arent as fortunate as some other people.  As well as that, people nowadays aren't tolerant of the economic crisis.  People complain and worry about this crisis but I feel they have to be calm and think that things will work out because eventually they will.

    I feel that yet people are very tolerant of cultural issues like holidays.  The Board of Ed doesn't give people off on culturual holdiays like Chinese New Year, Diwali, and etc.  We dont get off on those holidays and they are very important to those people who celebrate them.  Yet, these people are very tolerant that they do not get off even though it is very vital.  One other thing people are tolerant of are the evnviorment.  This is because many trees and animals are being hurt and polluted everyday.  Some people can't deal with it but are tolerant by recycling, reusing, and reducing.  WOOOHOOO TOLERANCE!