Can People Still Get Away with Robbing Banks Today?

Nov 13, 2013
by: Peepers29
Bank robber from Seattle who is still at large today.

Over time, our police force has grown to be more and more efficient at catching criminals. With modern technology and a much larger police force, it's a wonder that any career criminals can still continue to make money. The world of crime itself has been changed into a science, from the study of the modern criminals psychology, to specific task forces designed to research and study particular crimes everything is being done to catch offenders of the law. Although law enforcement has made great strides over the year, there are still some criminals that can beat the system. A particular crime that really stacks the odds against the criminal is bank robbery.

With 24 hour camera surveillance and armed guards on duty during store hours, it's a wonder that any bank robber can get away. One particular bank robber from back in the day who seemed to have no problem getting away was John Dillinger from Chicago. According to the FBI's website, John Dillinger robbed multiple banks, killed at least ten men in one robbery, and managed to escape almost every one of his robberies. Even though Dillinger was caught at one point, he was able to beat the system by escaping prison. It was most likely easier for Dillinger in the late 30s because the police were nothing more than some guys with guns. Today the technology used by law enforcement is so overwhelming, it would be nearly impossible to get away with more than one bank robbery.

It was hard to find any bank robbers who can get away completely clean today, let alone get away with multiple robberies. talks about a group of thieves who tunneled their way into the Lloyds Baker Street Bank Vault. They were able to steal millions of euros worth of safety deposit goods and cash. It is believed that the police even searched the bank while the robbers were inside the vault. Since there was no damage to the vault doors, officers had no idea what was happening until it was too late. The thieves all got away at first, but everyone was caught in the end except for the mastermind of the plan. It seems the days of robbing multiple banks inn blazes of gunfire are over. Although most people are caught after robbing banks, it seems that the few who get away are sneaky about it and don't get too greedy. The chances of getting away are extremely slim, but if the leader of the Baker Street Bank heist got away, it is still possible today.