Can A Serial Killer Be Good?

Nov 12, 2015

First off, the book Project Cain is a very hard to understand and a very non-descriptive book. The author oftenly jumps around and never describes the events clearly, but it is a good book worth reading if you are interested into mystery and suspense novels. The main character, Jeff Jacobson, learns that he is cloned to a deadly serial killer named Jeffery Dahmer. He also then learns that other deadly serial killers are being cloned, and he has to stop it with another guy named Castillo.

Today, I am here to express how I feel about this story.

To start off, this book is definitely not one of the best ones from the world of creative plot. It, like many other common books, is literally just a serial killer or man hunt. Jeff and Castillo are trying to search for clues to try to track down the serial killers. This makes me disappointed, because the idea of serial killers being cloned to me sounded cool, suspenseful, frightening, which results it being very interesting, but such a boring plot to ruin it, it is pity that I feel when I read this book.

I do like the parts of the book when Jeff describes his own feelings. He thinks he is a monster, a killer, when everyone looks at him and say "That's the killer", "Stay away from him", when truly, Jeff is a warm hearted person and doesn't want to harm anyone. Although he can be cruel in language, he never tried to hurt anyone, and always wanted the best of every one of his little friends me makes. I think that describing Jeff's character really touched me in this book. However, sometimes he can be really cruel with language and say a ton of swear words, which I do not enjoy very much.

Overall, I would give this book a 6/10. The idea is good, but the plot is not very well set out. You often would get skipped around by the missing holes the author did not fill in, but it is still interesting to learn and see a serial killer's perspective, and what it is like to find the true "you" inside of you.



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Submitted by aly on Tue, 2016-03-08 03:29.

That part about the to start off part just got me laughing inside lol. But I agree with you. You can't always see things for how it seems. Like the saying You cant judge a book by its cover. Because everyone has a reason for everything they do. And it seems like an interesting book. Maybe ill read or take a look into it some other time.

Interesting Opinion

Submitted by Austin I. on Thu, 2016-03-10 11:53.

I have not read the book, but from reviews I have read online, and what people have told me the story is great. I believe the reason the story jumps around all the time is to tell his perspective.