The Case Of The Dead Musician

Feb 10, 2015

Case of The Dead Musician
It is true that Mr. karazi was sad but he did not kill himself, someone murdered him. It also makes it look like he killed himself because of the stool and the ripped out strings from the piano. There are a few clues proving he did not do this, but someone close to him.

First of all he is 90 years old and wouldn't be capable of doing this all by himself, second the stool is 2 feet below where he is hanging and the chair isn't kicked over, and most of all because the piano strings are ripped and in the cops description it says that there is some blood on his neck from a thin line of a break in his neck. So the murderer must have strangled him. Also why would he rip the strings from his beloved piano.

Also I think it was his son because in Mr. Karazi's note he wonders if his son knows what he would inherit from his very successful father. I think his son did it for the money, because he is probably greedy and can't wait for his father to die of age. So therefore I think it was his son who murdered him.