The Case of Tom Robinson

Feb 18, 2016
by: Cec

One of the major events in To Kill A Mockingbird was the case of Tom Robinson.
As we all know, the book strongly suggests that Tom Robinson was innocent. However, with no truthful witnesses, we cannot be entirely sure about his innocence.
The evidence to the case is presented as follows(Ignoring repeated information):
Bob and Mayella Ewell’s and Heck Tate’s Interview
Tom Robinson’s Interview
A nigger(negro) raped Mayella
Mayella found lying on the floor in the middle of the front room.
She was beaten up, says Tom Robinson did it.
Tom Robinson is brought, Mayella identifies him
Doctor was not called
Beaten around the head, bruises on arms, black eye(her right). Happened 30 minutes before according to the Ewells. Finger marks around the neck
Bob Ewell heard his daughter screaming, ran to the window to see Tom raping her. Room slung around like there was a fight
Bob Ewell thinks niggers(negroes) are pests
Bob Ewell is left handed
Multiple children, Mayella is the oldest
Bob Ewell is tolerable except when he is drunk. Never hit Mayella
Tom’s first time inside the fence
Mayella does not recollect that she was hit by Tom
Mayella often contradicts previous statements
Tom is crippled, left are flops around
Been to prison because he was unable to pay a fine for fighting a man is self defense
Gone multiple times onto the Ewell property to help Mayella
Day of “rape”:
Tom was going home as usual, asked to come inside the fence by Mayella.
Tom looks for the usual tasks, none to be seen, Mayella asks Tom to fix the door
Door is fine, no children about because all are in town.
Tom turns to leave but Mayella asks Tom to get a box on top of a chiffarobe.
Tom get up on a chair and then is grabbed around the legs by Mayella. Tom knocks the chair over, only thing he knocked over.
Mayella hugs him around the waist, kisses him on the side of the cheek.
Says that she has never kissed a man befor e and that what her father does to her doesn’t count.
Tom tries to escape by asking Mayella to get off of him.
Bob shows up and calls Mayella a whore and that he will kill her.
Tom runs away as fast as he could.
Did not rape Mayella, did not harm her, tried to resist her advances without pushing her.
Scared by Bob.
Mr. Link Deas rises from the audience and says that Tom has worked for him for 8 years with no trouble.
Tom never wanted to take advantage of her, felt sorry for Mayella.

That there is all the information we are given about the courtroom. We can see here the two statements do not agree. Hus we must turn to the clues the story gives us. We were painet a picture of lonely life for Mayella and that Bob Ewell is not the best father. In fact, it is shown that he is a terrible person from his attempted murder of Scout and Jem to his drinking habit that Mayella pointed out. Tom however, is painted as a fine person who does not lie from Mr. Link Deas rising out of the audience to shout that to the whole courtroom and his aptitude to answer the questions he asked that sometimes were not to his own benefit. The story that Mayella told had many holes in the fabric in it, holes that do not exist in real life.
From this we can conclude that it is most likely that Tom was innocent and that the Ewells could be sued for false claims.


LOTS of evidence, but it

Submitted by TravisA on Fri, 2016-02-19 12:23.

LOTS of evidence, but it would've been nice if you could've explained what all of it meant and how it related to Tom being innocent. You should work on writing introductions that grab the attention of the reader better.