The Catcher in the Rye is helping me learn how it would feel to be in someone else's perspective

Jan 23, 2009
by: CFlores

Recently I read pages 85-105 in The Catcher in the Rye by J.D.Salinger and I really think that the book is getting better and more captivating because I am really learning about how it would feel to be on someone else's perspective and how life is for them. I think that Holsen can be really unfortunate at times, but also brilliant in some ways.

One line from this part of the book that stands out for me is: "I WALKED all the way back to the hotel. Forty-one gorgeous blocks" I think this is very fun because I love walking and I really don't know what is my limit to walking which makes it more interesting. I think that I can atleast walk more han 50 blocks.

Another line that I found appealing was: " In the first place, I'm sor of an atheist." This stood out for me because I think I myself might be an atheist, too. Like I'm not really religious about anything, but I have a feeling that God is somewhere out there. I think that religion is not really important even though people keep telling me that I will go to hell and stuff for not believing in God...which just makes me think "Wow I barely know the guy and I'm going to hell...interesting."

This section of The Catcher in the Rye was very unusual as I kept reading. I actually thought that he would do it with Sunny and then would have regretted it or something, but it turns out that there was more action than just that. I thought that the Maurice dude would actually just leave him alone instead of scamming him for his money.

What's probably going to happen next is that he might just call a friend and actually go hang out with them and stop getting into trouble.

I am looking forward to reading the rest of this book because it's getting better and I want to find out what happens to him during the rest of the book and what happens later on. ^.^


Dear Christian, I'm

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Dear Christian,
I'm commenting on your lit log because I have to and you're my buddy, right? ^_^ lol.
One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is "I think this is very fun because I love walking and I really don't know what is my limit to walking which makes it more interesting. I think that I can at least walk more than 50 blocks." I think this is interesting because even though I'm not very fond of walking -_- I could probably walk quite a bit myself. Maybe not 50 blocks, but who knows? It could happen...^_^
Another sentence that I found interesting was when you talked about religion. I think I am religious, even though I don't go to church anymore, and if you think God is out there, you're not really atheist because they don't believe in anything. Anyway, I kinda went off there.
I agree with you on the fact that this book is getting interesting, if not a little weird or inappropriate at times, but its okay. I want to keep reading to see what happens to him, but I kinda don't at the same time.
Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next, because these logs are helping me pass this class. Lol.

C- The Catcher in The Rye is

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The Catcher in The Rye is one of my favorite books.  I haven't read it for a while, but your post reminded me of it and how much I also enjoyed it.  You said it very well when you said that "Holsen can be really unfortunate at times, but also brilliant in some ways."  I felt the same way about him when I read it.  Although most of the people who knew him thought he was not very smart, it takes getting into his mind and thinking from his perspective to understand him, and realize that he is so much more intelligent and interesting than most people would think.  It reminds me to be careful to judge people, because unless you've seen things from their perspective, you may have the wrong idea about them.  I think you are going to continue to like the book as you keep reading.


Dear CFlores, I'm reading

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Dear CFlores,

I'm reading the same thing. at first it was getting boring because it talks about him and practically his issues. I suppose he hates the world.Then came the curses in the book that sent me cracking up like hell. i thought it was pretty funny , not to mention that Mr Allison told me to read it since I'm almost done reading every single book that's in his self at school.

The sentence that you used  " I walked all the way back to the hotel. Forty-one gorgeous blocks" also stands out for me because, like you, I like walking. A LOT. Until I get tired and sit down at a park or in my house with a bottle of water or if I get lucky, a bottle of snapple iced tea.

Another sentence that I noticed in the book was, well. It's not a sentence. It's a word that I can't write or I'll get in trouble. But it's funny because of how they try to curse but ends up making me laugh.

your post reminds me of something- well not something. Not ANYTHING at ALL. I have no flashbacks of my days as a sad little girl to share with you, but that just saves me the time to tell you. I'm sorry.

Well, thanks for writing and I hope you write more later in your life because it gives me somthing to do besides doing nothing which is doing something, and going to sleep and posting more on naruto on deviantart. please continue to post! lol.