Cell Phone Naughtiness

Feb 23, 2009

    All across America, there have been several reports of a new form of child pornography. This new outbreak of "cell phone porn", and "sex-texting", is now becoming increasingly known throughout the United States. It seems that recently kids are getting cell phones at a younger, and younger age. So once they hit about jr high school level, they're also experiencing this use of their "new toys" with the opposite sex. Texting is extremely popular world-wide; "everyone's doing it!" So since these  young kids are communicating mostly through text lately, they've also become very well known to flirt over text. Flirting leads to some sort of relationship, whether it be through texting only, in person, a real relationship (girlfriend to boyfriend), etc. this new epademic has becoming exceedingly famed.
    Even adults at work are getting in trouble for texting to much, and having inappropriate relationships in the work-place to do this cellular out-break. Now this problem is reaching out to the younger generation. More and more often, teenagers are getting caught sending scandelous pictures, and outrageously obscene text messages to each other. This new "fad" for teenagers, is also becoming a huge issue with today's society. It's being looked upon as the new "child pornography", and is completely illegal. Yet, this breaking of the law isn't stopping these people from sending nude images to each other, and having "text-sex" over an insecure cellular line.
    "Technically, it is illegal for any person to knowingly receive or possess child pornography. Anyone who gets a cell phone message promising child porn and opens it is breaking federal law, regardless of their age. They also break the law by not immediately deleting the porn. In this case, the district attorney says that at least forty identified recipients will not be prosecuted as long as they show police their phones to prove the porn has been erased. Of course, this only works if none of the recipients forwarded it to their computers — or to anyone else. And since the stuff has already spread, this investigation came too late.

    The fact of the matter is that, no matter what, your cellular device phone line is not stable. Hackers, cross-lines, etc. can all get crossed and messed up, and then one picture that someone thinks is going to his/her significant other, ends up in the wrong hands. It's becoming very apparent, that these pictures that no body wants anyone else to see, end up getting leaked in the most unfortunate times and places. Kids are getting caught, adults are appalled, and charges are being made.
    "Guillete said his advice to teens with cell phone cameras and access to other ways of transmitting photographs is to not take or allow photographs to be taken that they would not want their parents or grandparents to see.Even if a child photographs herself and sends it to others, the action can be seen as distributing child pornography, he said."

"About a third of young adults age 20-26 and 20 percent of teens say they've sent or posted naked or semi-naked photos or videos of themselves, according to recent national surveys by the National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy and CosmoGirl.com."

    I'm sure many teenagers I personally know, have participated in this kind of inappropriate activity. Teenagers are still going through puberty, being sexually active, and cravings of one another. It's extremely hard to control this kind of behavior, and even harder to put a stop to it. A word of warning, be careful what you send to one another, you never know who you can trust or what relationships are going to end for what reasons, etc. Don't do something, you'll probably regret in later life.