Changes in Kissena Corridor Park Gardens

May 25, 2010
by: achan

Recently we've been writing in the Kissena Corridor Park Garden. Our teacher asked us to choose one plot within the garden to focus on. The plot I chose had yellow flowers that caught my eye. Yellow is my favorite color so my eyes were glued to it when I was looking around the whole area. There was quite a handful of them too. A batch was planted in one spot and the rest were planted to surround the plot, like a barrier. The stems looked tall and stalky but, they also looked very sturdy. This plot also reminded me of farmville on Facebook. It was exceptionally neat and the area of it was bigger then its neighboring plots. Each row had a different herb, veggie, and plant. The rows were made like little hills, so that water would flow in between.

I didn't see anything out of place. I didn't even catch a glimpse of a worm or insect. The plants all looked healthy and green. I would like to meet the owner of this plot one of these days. I would want to ask the owner why are all the flowers there so similar? I saw the same kind of plant planted in other plots. Was it a give away? What types of veggies and herbs did this person plant? How long has this person owned this plot? Why did she or he choose this spot.

On the second week, we had to describe how much the plot changed. It's been a week since I visited and I must say, plants grow at fast pace! Many more yellow flowers have grown, but at the same time, the ones that bloomed last week, are withering away. Putting that aside, new flowers have grown. They seem like pansies, but I'm not too sure. I see more ants this time. Probably because of the warmer weather. They're strolling along the dirt and leaves. Because of the ants and bugs, small birds and pigeons are flying in.

I spotted a really odd looking flower. The leaves feel like scallion. The flower itself, looks like a big dandelion. It's like a size of a golf ball. I also see an area in the plot that is empty. The gardener  probably harvested the herbs. I even noticed footprints implanted into the ground. I can see that about a foot from the four sides of the plot, it's weeded there. You don't see any random weeds and plants growing out of place. There's another plant that looks like a hibiscus flower. The whole flower is purple and the pollen is yellow. What's weird is that I see a black garbage bag and a big rock on top of it. I really like how neat the plot is. All of it is aligned next to each other. In total, there are six different looking veggies and herbs.

Every week we visit, something has always changed. Today is the third week of visiting. Since it rained yesterday, little worm holes are everywhere. Today's weather is a 180 degrees different from yesterday. The sky is clear and blue and the wind is really breezy. While I stand here, I hear birds chirping away. The soft soil and squirming worms probably attracted them. I really hate how the soil is so soggy. Every step I take, my shoes sinks in a bit..And WHY do I see so many garbage flies. 1/4 of the plot has been harvested, so the plot looks a little smaller and a lot less messier.

Today is the fourth week of coming here. My plot has turned into something really different. From far away, as I was walking towards it, it was really empty. The flowers that stole my attention is now gone. Two weeks ago, it use to take up a lot of space and tower over the plot. 2/4 of the plot is empty with blankets covering the soil. The gardener also did a lot of weeding because I don't see anymore miscellaneous flowers and leaves coming out from the floor. There are SO many bugs. I see a bunch of ants and bees. I get itchy just thinking about it. I noticed that other gardeners also laid a dirty blanket on top of their harvest land. Maybe it's to stop the birds from pecking at the seeds? It's good to see that the cabbage, lettuce, and other veggies still growing. They look really healthy.

One quote that stood out to me from the "Ann Cooper talks school lunches" video was "feeding our kids food that isn't chocked full of chemicals. We can't keep feeding our kids pesticides and herbicides and anitbiotics and hormones" Unfortunately, that's what we all eat..the farmers of America spray their veggie plantations herbicides and pesticides, and we are the ones that end up eating it. In these gardens, everything is fresh and organic, true to the word. Their crops might not be in the best shapes but at least it wasn't sprayed with deadly,toxic, poison.