Chapter 14 of ''Their eyes were watching god''

Jun 3, 2011
by: hchen
Chapter 14:

Immediately after Tea Cake left with noticed her, Janie quickly thought of the example of poor Ms. Annie Tyler. She was  a woman who lived in Eatonville; her husband died when she was fifty-two and she got  a large amount of  money and a house.Then Annie spent all her time  with younger men; one day a younger man named Who Flung began to chased her. He moved into her house and then convinced her to sell the house and move with him to Tampa.Ms.Annie Tyler loved this man so much,she could believed everything this man says without any doubts.Just one day after their life together in Tamp, Who Flung ran away with Annie's money, leaving her destitute. Annie returned home with a sadness and  a broken heart.She could never believed this man can ever lied to her.She had thought to spend rest of her life with this man,but he cheap  on her and had ran away with almost all her properties.

But the miracle was happened at dawn the next morning, Tea Cake returns, he was playing a guitar. Tea Cake knows that Janie could thinks that he had stolen her money and tried to ran away. But he tells her that she not to feel the thing that way. He tells Janie how much he loves Janie and would never leaves her.And explained to her that he would never leave her for another woman,only if the woman were exactly  like her.