Chapter 5

May 10, 2011

After reading the 5th chapter of Their Eyes Were Watching God, I can now tell that the relationship between Joe and Janie has softened.  This is because Jody's dreams were starting to become a reality, and he could not tolerate anything getting in his way.  After building his own store and becoming a mayor in the town of Eatonville, Jody is concentrated on work more than ever.  I can now tell that Janie feels she is not as important as Jody first claimed her to be.

As I soon expected to happen, Joe had become an egoistic maniac that only cared about his career and popularity within the town.  In doing so, he degraded his wife, making her feel lower than dirt.

On page 61; At the moment Jody became the mayor, he was asked to give a speech.  After doing so,  his wife was also asked to give a speech to the town.  Right at that moment, Jody released his true self by saying that his wife doesn't do speeches and wasn't made for it.  This must have been a slap in the face to Janie because she trusted and honored Joe, and would never guess that he would backstab her like he did by saying that.  Although she was angry, she tried to keep a smile on her face, when deep inside, it was killing her what her marriage has turned into.