chapter 7,8 and 9

May 9, 2011
by: jtorres

-What do you think Zora Neale Hurston wants you to think about:

-the character of janie? I think he wants us to thinkk that janie has finally give up and just dont care and lets jody boss her around and she just gives in and does what he wants with caring aabout he emotions. She now doesnt think shes worth trying because shes not pretty and cant get not one else so she just basically gave in.

-the character of jody? at this time jody seem to have the "power" in the relationship and is breaking janie down and basically having the most control in there relationship.

-How do you feel about how jaine treats her  husband on his death bead? I think she was right on doing what she did on his dead bed because even thought she didnt love him and was so broken down by him she was strong.  She told him what she really felt. and told him all the things he did to her that hert her and she was there because i know she had at least a little respect for him to be there for him when hes dieing. Hes lucky because if that was me and a guy treated me the way he treated her and he was dieing i would have left as soon as i new and i would be happy knowing i would never have to see him again and go threw all that her once again.

-What character in another book,movie.TV show,song...does janie remind you of , and why?

Movie:madea's family reunion

Jaine reminds me of the character Lisa from madeas family reunion because lisa is engaged to an abusive and controlling man named Carlos . While she desperately wants to get out of the engagement, her mother, Victoria 
urges her to go through with the wedding because carlso has money and is very wealthy, her mom would always tell Lisa to avoid doing
things that make Carlos angry because she didnt want carlos to leave lisa.

Lisa eventually leaves Carlos with the intention of calling off the
wedding. She temporarily moves in with Madea. Carlos, eager to move
forward with the wedding, dher mom trys to force her to get back with him. this reminds me of jaine because she was basically convinced  to get with jody even when she didnt love him because of financial reason and they both were abused.