Chapters 11-17 "Everybody Get's Tired" By: Yvonne Bridges.

Oct 11, 2012
by: krystalm

Chapter 11-17 of “Everybody Get’s Tired” by Yvonne Bridges, might leave a reader feeling anxious, because of all the action that goes on and have you guessing what will be next. Also how happy moments turn to sad ones real quick. An example of why is on page 96-129.
“As we were celebrating Lala’s birthday, much more was going on in another part of the city. As soon as Lala and Jake got into their vehicle, he received a call that Earl was shot in front of Jake’s house. Earl was Jake’s security man. He was shot six times and had been taken to Einstein Hospital. Jake dropped Lala off at hershey and rushed to the hospital. Earl was able to speak to Jake prior to dying. He whispered, “Toodie. Go see Toddie.”

Jake was furious. he couldn’t believe that Toddie had the balls to double cross him. What would make Toddie kill Jake’s number one man? Jake had wanted to handle Toddie a years ago to just give Lala and I some peace, but we had talked Jake out of it. Now, his number one guy was dead and Toddie was the culprit. Jake reached his guys and they went searching for Toddie. Toddie had a house in Mount Airy and Jake felt that would be the first place to look. Upon arrival, they noticed the place was emptied. They completely dismantled the residence searching for any clues of his whereabouts. As the search continued, they heard noises emanating from the basement. As Jake released the padlock, he descended the stairs to find M&M tied to the beams. They were filthy. Their mouths were taped with duct tape. Jake untied them and Mikal started jumping and yelling he was going kick Toddie’s ass. As jake and his men watched with amazement, he was able to get both to calm down and tell him what they knew. Both brothers, M&M, proceeded to inform Jake of their unfortunate dilemma of being captured by Toddie. It began with them being asked to retrieve Kinda’s vehicle. As the story progressed, M&M disoriented from lake of drugs, began arguing and blaming one another for the unfortunate situation. Jake losing his patience threatened to shoot both of them if they did not settle down and tell him exactly what he needed to know. M&M had a tendency to finish each others sentences so jake instructed only one speak. Michael began to tell the story of Toddie’s plan to rob Jake’s place while the party was taking place. Toddie wanted everything - jewelry, bonds, money, and drugs. He was to later come to the location of the party and attempt to enrage at what he was hearing. Toddie’s plan was to acquire as much as he could to repay the Jamaicans and then move to Los Angeles.

Jake instructed his guys to continue to look for anything with an address. M&M proceeded to fix a meal for themselves and the guys. Jake eventually found what he was looking for and informed the twins that he was leaving and he suggested they should do the same.
“Go right ahead. We will be all right. We have a score to settle.” Mikal stated as he stuffed his mouth food.

“Well, do as you wish. i have my own score to settle” Jake stated firmly as he looked around the place.

“By the way, before you leave, can i use your phone? I need to make a call.” Michael asked wondering if Jake would let him.

“Make it quick. I have business.”

“No problem.” Michael proceeded to dial Toddie. Toddie answered with confusion and concern in his voice.

“Toddie this is just a courtesy call to let you know we are free. By the way, you had some visitors and they were not too pleased. Take care of yourself.” Michael said with a hearty laughter in his voice.

Jake snatched his phone and left the premises. M&M stayed and had their own special party; going through all Toddie’s personal belongings deciding on who would get what. They planned on obtaining a truck the next day and unloading everything that was not nailed down. They took everything including his cologne. They felt it was a befitting payment for a mouth of being held hostage and fed once a day a half of sandwich and a glass of water.

Long story short Although young and still with many dreams one by one they learn and realized that “Everybody Gets Tired” It will be their trials, tribulation, and ongoing hustles that makes them come to terms with the street and their lives while learning that each mistake is a lesson and each lesson is second chance at tomorrow due to God’s grace and mercy... I believe. And I too can relate to many things they’ve seen, done and been through.