Chicken Foot

Jan 13, 2010
by: Becca11

This is a picture of a waterfall that’s down the street from my house. What I did was my family and me took a walk down to the falls where my brother and me used to go in the summer when we were little. We used to hunt frogs in the pond above. But the above pictures didn’t have enough so I went down below the falls to see if I could get enough light. Then after what I was focusing on was how could I balance out the lighting and movement. Then when I went to name the photo I really couldn’t decide what to call it I asked some of my friends but they didn’t seem to know either, then some one said that the waterfall looked like a chicken’s foot, so that what I decided to call it.


Your picture sounds like

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Submitted by achan on Thu, 2010-01-14 10:13.

Your picture sounds like it's really abstract and different. A waterfall that looks like a chicken's foot? Interesting haha. The only problem is it doesn't load for me. If only you could check and reload again? What camera did you use? Is it a professional SLR camera? Or is like the point and shoot cameras? Because it makes a difference and if you're using a SLR camera, I can imagine the quality of the picture :D.