Child Labor Outlawed (Not!)

Jun 8, 2011
by: XLiu

           U.S. is known as one of the leading countries of the world, because its achievement is known widely. Many people do not realize the problems behind the glory of this country, because the government tries to hide the problems in order to maintain the good image of America. Children are the future generation that will lead this country, they are a very important factor of a country’s development.  The image American children give are healthy, well educated, full of pride and raise with love, but that’s just an overall image, people have been unaware of the fact that not every kid live in such standard. Many might be surprise to find out that the traces of child labor are all over the country. The Associated Press found 165 children working illegally in just 5 month, with kids as young as 3 years old. Those kids work around 11 hours a day under harsh condition, only earning the minimal wage.  Due to the fact that child labor is outlaw, many employers hide the child workers by locking them inside a room, unlocking the door only after their works are finish. Employers hire kids to save more money, while kids are force to work for minimal wage under poverty, the cycle will not stop unless other people step in. The condition children employees live under are very contradictory to the image of what other nation hold in mind as the typical American children.