Child Obesity

Dec 15, 2009
by: aman

I just read a Wikipedia article, "Child obesity" WIkipedia: the free encyclopedia. I found this article very interesting because it gives you information about child obesity causes and symptoms.

One sentence fromt his article that stands out for me is:

Obese children often suffer from

teasing by their peers.[10][11] Some are harassed or discriminated against by their own family.[11] Stereotypes abound and may lead to low self esteem and depression. I think this was very helpful because it gives you a brief summary of what obese children have to grow through each day. What really suprised me was that some are even made fun of by their family peers.

I'm pretty sure this is accurate because i did some extra research on the web to make sure the facts were true(also because not everything written on wikipedia is true) I used a very trusted site called Here is the link:

Another sentence that I found interesting was:Changes were made primarily in the school environment while it is felt that they must occur in the home, the community, and the school simultaneously to have a significant effect. Reason is because most of a kid's diet is due to the environment they are in. If a kid were to be exposed to a school which contained many snack machines, fattening foods, and junk foods, then they are MOST likely to become overweight.

This is a fact that doesn't have to be double checked. It is common sense. If you attended an area everyday that had tons of fattening and delicious food, you would be tempted to eat all of it. It's very difficult, especially for a kid, to try and avoid those temptations.

There was something ont his article that i found to be dubious and kind of untrue. It saids that in order to cure obesity, children should lower their consumptions each day and sometimes even skip a meal. However, I don't believe it is true because this can't destroy a person's metabolism.  It leads the stomach to believe, We're not taking in much food, so we'd better store what we do get!

What I learned from this article are the symptoms of child obesity and the ways you can prevent it. I will look to see in the future if there are any better cures for it.